There’s Nothing Wrong with Being “Wrong”

How come everybody has to be right all the time? Seriously. There’s nothing wrong with being supposedly wrong.

For example. Once upon a time I bought this thing that I thought was a skirt. I wore it a few times and realized it was actually probably meant to be one of those strapless shirts. Now, if someone had come up to me and told me it was a shirt, I would have probably asked them why it bothered them so much that  I was wearing it “wrong”. I’m the one who looks potentially stupid, not them. So why do they care?

It’s the same question I always have when I see atheists and religious people getting into it for no reason other than to prove each other wrong. First of all, good luck with that because no one changes due to the fact that you argued with them for an hour. It just makes them mad. As someone once said, you change hearts, not minds. You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar and all that. Ticking people off does not make them want to talk to you again, or find out more about what you’re saying. It makes them want to punch you in the mouth. 
Second of all, why does an atheist get annoyed because someone is religious?
I mean, I can see why religious people want to convert atheists; most religions are pretty clear that if you deny God, you’re going to get pretty crispy. (Although some of them are just trying to prove atheists wrong, which is wrong– did that make sense? What I mean is… well, see the Concluding Note at the end of this post for what I meant.) But why do atheists care that I believe in God? Uh, if there’s nothing beyond this life, then why do they care that I believe in something that doesn’t exist? Is it hurting them or me? Though I concede that it is a bit painful to watch someone doing something you think is stupid (why are you throwing that plastic bottle in the trash? Hello, recycling bin 5 feet away!! No, seriously, stop!!), at some point you have to let it go. As with the skirt/shirt incident, in their eyes I’m the one who looks stupid, not them. So why do they have to cnstantly tell me I’m wrong?
Especially if belief in God makes me happy. Comforts me through grief and trials. Makes me feel like someone will always love and care about me. Gives me someone to pour out my heart to.
 If it makes me think about my actions and their effect on others. If it makes me give things to the less fortunate. Do atheists have a bone to pick with, say, Mother Teresa? Her belief in God made her go out every day and pick up dying people from the filthy streets. Seriously, who can have a problem with “wrong” beliefs when it urges on such acts of love?

Of course, the same goes for us religious people. If we want to be that image of love we can’t go arguing with other people.  We’re never going to be an example of love if we tell people flat-out, “You’re wrong, you’re stupid, you’re gonna burn to a crisp when you die!!!” We have to be open to questions and answer them with clarity, kindness, and simplicity. We have to have a sort of “air” about us, like… You know when you see that person who is just so comfortable in their own skin, seems friendly, normal, but there’s still something special about them. Well, we have to be like that. Approachable. Being yourself. Loving. We have to be able to defend ourselves, yes, but we must not attack unprovoked.
We’re like Jedi!! Defend justice, but don’t antagonize people. Basically what I’m saying is, unless someone openly attacks, the claws (or lightsabers) don’t come out. And plus, when you’ve gotta fight, do it with class, please. Don’t be like Duku and make stuff fall on an old green guy’s head, or cut off people’s hands, or leave a trail of useless destruction. Do some cool flips, save the galaxy, and be done with it.

So my main point is: Look. I’m not bothering atheists and chasing them down and being all in-your-face. I don’t do that to other religions, either. You do your thing, I do mine, we be nice to each other and maybe gain something along the way. We respect each other’s dignity, don’t call people stupid. I do my best to remember to keep my head and radiate Crist’s love. We all take Mom’s famous advice: “Just know you’re right and move on.”

Concluding Note: Arguing for the sake of proving each other wrong is mean and against the faith, if you’re religious, and against good manners regardless. And my being “wrong” isn’t hurting you, so get off my case.
Cause I actually might have a lightsaber. (Ooh, a purple one! Can I please have the purple one?)


PS, the internet’s back!! Hurrah for technology!!!


One thought on “There’s Nothing Wrong with Being “Wrong”

  1. crescendocroise

    This was a really good blog! You really nailed it!!! It reminds me of the rules of debating that Mom had a learn and hang up on the door a while ago. One of the first rules on it was “Arguing and name calling loses the debate.” You can not tear down a person. They are human beings, made in the image of God. Love is the only way to reach them, as you said, beacuse Love Itself made them and you. LOVED THE POST!

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