A Short Musing

Today I thought to myself: “Isn’t it strange, how nearly no one thinks you [a youth] a particularly smart person for having a well-thought-out, well-explained, well-argued opinion. No, they don’t think you’re smart for having that! Especially if they disagree with you! But oh, if you can blurt out square roots and mathematical formulas, you are considered some kind of prodigy– even though all you are really doing is spitting back information that you’ve heard before. It may not mean anything at all to you but they think you’re so smart. But you can’t teach someone to form opinions well. That is something that takes real intelligence and thought. So why doesn’t anyone realize that?”

Maybe it’s because many of the times someone young has an opinion, adults think they’re parroting that, too.
Something to think about.
But I can’t, because it’s frustrating, so you’ll have to do the thinking for me… You will let me know what you think in your thinking, I should think.



3 thoughts on “A Short Musing

  1. crescendocroise

    I think that it is beacuse most people today do not know how to think. Thinking has been put out of “trend” its all video games, texting, life on a cell phone and scary music… People’s brains are not put to work anymore except in the enviorment of school…. People do not try and think… They do not ponder why we are here, they do not question what makes life so beautiful and precious, they do not wonder at the majesty of creation….. instead they’re speech and thoughts are reduced to short text messages in (mostly) abbreviated words….Real conversations do not take place in a lot of people’s lives… The art of language and conversations and thinking is dead as well as dance, and art, and music…..
    Final word, “I AM therefore, I think.”

    Love your thinking, Pen! It’s totally alive and awesome!!!!!!

    Tholwen Dernhelm

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