Nevar Put with the Wrong End in Front

Today I learned that there actually was a slightly better pun in Carroll’s answer to the infamous question “why is a raven like a writing desk?” You see, the answer in my book is “they both produce notes, though they are very flat, and they are never put with the wrong end in front.” But in the original edition it was “nevar”, as in “raven” backwards. Then they changed it.

Anyway. That is my nerdy tidbit for today, and we’re moving on!

I spent the day baking bread, testing recipes for a contest at the county fair… If I lose maybe I’ll post the recipe here. If I win I get like a hundred “big el buckos” (as Grandpa Vegas would say), but some yeast people get the recipe. Whatevs. It was relaxing though. So far Exhibit A is the winner, so I suppose it is possible to get things right the first time.

Thursday I am going to the Botanical Gardens! Yay! With Miss Forkapa! Yay! Except I’m not supposed to call her that anymore! Why am I still using exclamations! 
Well, I am excited, as you probably surmised. Also this weekend is going to be craaaaaaazyyyy because for some reason the world decided it would be a jolly idea to have a Feis and a Fest be in the same weekend (and to cause further confusion by making their names sound alike). But it is going to be fun. Feising with Grandma! Festing with the DHFs! 

Oh! I forgot to tell you about my latest adventure. You see, I decided to go to the youth group gathering on this past Sunday evening (for reasons that shall remain anonymous, ahem) even though it was softball, and I have not played softball since the sixth grade. Turns out there were more nice people than I expected. So of course I’ll be going again. Although it still feels kind of awkward, I guess because I’m the one girl not wearing shortshorts, or actually not wearing shorts at all, since I usually wear dresses and skirts. I love being different, I just don’t particularly enjoy being ignored or treated as inferior. I mean, excuse me if I’m not an Aberzombie like the majority of teenage girls. And also please excuse my actual laughter (during which I may snort if it is very humorous, as opposed to having a more girlish gigglish laugh); my hair (lacking in sidebangs and not flat ironed out of its natural state); my vocabulary (I can’t help using words like superflous, incorrigible, oscillating…); and lastly my habit of quoting poetry that apparently no one but me is familiar with ( unlike the crew of The Hunting of the Snark: “they were all of them fond of quotations”…)

Which reminds me. How has NO ONE ever heard of The Lady of Shallot? I mean, Cranford, okay. It’s very cool and they’re missing out but I guess I didn’t expect anyone to know that right away. But The Lady of Shallot? Come ON! It’s classic. Tennyson. Arthurian legend. Seriously, they never made you read it in school???

What has the world come to, when I cannot say, “the web flew out and floated wide…” and not be understood?

Yours till the mirror cracks (from side to side, naturally)


4 thoughts on “Nevar Put with the Wrong End in Front

  1. three cheers for the fies and fest! (oh, and then the fair the same week….f is rocking)well Pen, this just shows you how more cool you are, not to mention intteligent. and well, awesome.

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