When You’re Sixteen

I’ve debated that the American “Sweet Sixteen” is an empty tradition.

I recant.

You see, I thought it was empty because, really, what is Sweet Sixteen about? You can drive a car. Yippee. You can drive a car when you’re 15 if you lie (coughcough, Grandpa). It’s not like you’re given any rights, not like you’re suddenly treated as if you have a brain. You don’t become an adult, don’t have a special Mass like they do for Quinceaneras. Basically it’s like a regular birthday, right?

Uh, wrong.

When you’re sixteen, you can get a job easier. (Up till now, I didn’t want a job, but now I really badly want to work at a cool indie bakery.) You can get a GED and graduate from high school. You can drive yourself anywhere you want. 

Now, 18. That’s the empty age. So you gain the right to vote. So what? Not like there’ll ever be any politician I want to vote for. Oh, and you can sign up for the military. But if you’re finishing high school, you still have to ask permission to go to the bathroom. Whatever. Plus you’re still a teen, which makes you still stupid apparently, and allows people to still treat you like you are.

While we’re on the topic of rights and getting treated unfairly… I think I’m going to write a really epic essay on adultism. So everyone go look up the definiteion of the word right now so you’ll know what I’m talking about in a few days when I finish the EE (Epic Essay). Hm, wait, it’ll probably not be written until next week because this weekend I have the writer’s conference!!! So happy!! I get to bake cookies. And be the registration person. And spend time with my favorite non-adultists, Skyline Writers. See, it all ties in.

Well. Going to find something to eat. Wish me luck, hahaha.


PS: Did you see my cool new sidebar thing? With the song that gave me my name? Shockingly I never knew I could put that there before… For being a blogger, I totally have no clue how to use the internet.


2 thoughts on “When You’re Sixteen

  1. crescendocroise

    I am very excited to see your essay! I am ready to read it!!!!

    I love your new quotes on the sidebar! Have fun at the conference!

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