And Vanish’d Summer Glory

School begins on Monday.

I would leave it at that but I think a title ought not to be longer than the post itself.
Brain-wise, I am ready for school, looking forward to learning new things and having an excuse to go to the zoo and stare in at the bats for an hour without moving. [We went to the zoo today again with Grandma and Grandpa Vegas, and it’s really another story, but anyway there was this terrible woman who came up to look at the bats as I was leaving them, and she was all, “Eww! They’re so big! They’re so gross! EWWWW!” And I was rather offended. People are so… grr. Speaking of Grr the lion was growling, which it never does, so we ran over but then it got all quiet, and Grandpa goes, “See, he saw me come over here and he shut his mouth ‘cuz he knows I can kick his @#%.”] I’m ready for working in notebooks and using highlighters and writing essays. I’m even ready to study up on math. (JUST KIDDING!! I know you nearly had a heart attack there.) But physically all my stuff is disorganized; my room is a wreck, my school basket has a pile of random crap next to it that I must clear away; I do not have my writing area set up yet. I do need a permanent writing area. And a designated writing time. Otherwise this book will never be done! And I’ll be a cat lady! A cat lady who works in a cubicle! And I can’t handle cubicles, do you hear me!!!


The good thing about homeschool is I will still be able to enjoy the beautiful days we are having… perfect weather….. ahhhhh.

And when summer does fade, well, as the poem says, “Thou shalt not heed the raving blast.”
Lewis Carroll always makes me feel better. Even in math! Cause Dodgson was a mathematician and all. Yaddayadda. I have a lot more to say, as always, but you know, I am being summoned to unwelcome bed and all that.

Poetry-reference puns. that only I get. It makes me quite a melancholy maiden… There! See! I did it again! Quick, I must abscond lest I continue… I have been waiting to use abscond for such a long time…

[Speaking of big words. I have a watch that you wear on a necklace that I just got from an antique shop in Lakewood (Oooooh, hoity-toity land, not) and today I called it a timepiece, because that sounds better than “necklace watch thingy”. Mom found it amusing anyway.]

Yours till the bean poles,


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