Zee Professional

Well, lately I feel like “zee professional” as Eliza would say. First of all, school is off to a brilliant start due to: My mom giving me 9-12 as my daily writing time. That’s right, 3 whole hours of undisturbed writing. (Dodge says, “You sound like a train in there!” because of the loud keys.) No one is allowed to disturb me unless they are gushing blood or the house is on fire. I get to wake up, eat, and go off into my own little writer world. I am actually productive! I actually have work hours in which I do actual work instead of just work avoidance!! Now I feel like a professional writer. Yay.

Then, yesterday, I learned how to can tomoatoes!!! I took a big basket of my dear heart-shaped heirlooms to Marie’s and she helped me can them! Well, really we put them in jars, so we jarred(?) them. I was soo excited, and it was a lot of fun. Awesome day. I will definitely be doing that again. They look so pretty in the jars! It took a long time but really it’s just timing, and the rest is oddly simple. Then while we waited for the jars to boil we talked about gardening and the Lady of Shallot.

But who hath seen her wave her hand? /or at the casement seen her stand?/ or is she known in all the land,/the Lady of Shallot?

Sometimes I feel like that part of the poem, not going to school. Who hath seen me wave my hand, or at the porch rail seen me stand? or am I known in all the land, the Lady of… er… Nothing rhymes with Shallot!


Anyway. Just wanted to share my happy news. 
Yours till the bumble bees,

PS: Oh, I nearly forgot. The bumble bees reminded me. Daisy got stung yesterday, on her nose. Now it’s all swollen and puffy and I think she finally learned not to toss bees around and then sniff/eat them. Now I call her Princess Puff-Nose.


3 thoughts on “Zee Professional

  1. crescendocroise

    “Princess Puff-Nose” made me laugh! You really are “zee professional!” Three full hours of writing is just perfect! You cracked me up about the “No one is allowed to disturb me unless they are gushing blood or the house is on fire.” it reminds me of Mom…. Sooo funny! Lots of love!


  2. three hours of writing it awesome! I really would like to get on a schedule like that……but mine is filled with school, so then I pop in my writing randomnly, five minutes, then another…..alas.

    I luaghed at Dodge’s comment on your typing.

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