Hey ho, the Wind and the Rain

A couple days ago I decided that I was going to walk to the library and get my book that came in (not Mockingjay, huge sigh) and also to return The Omnivore’s Dilemma since it was due, so I asked Dad and he said yes so I started walking. The sky was grey, the wind blew. Big cumulonimbus or whatever clouds were converging overhead. Of course I was being all happy, tra-la-la, thinking nothing of it– in fact, I was thinking, Oh! What a wonderful day to be walking!

As I walked down the last big hill to the library, I saw in the not-so-distance: lightning. And I thought, Oh. What a horrible day to be walking. So then I ran all the way down the hill, and did not cross at the crosswalk (ooh! rebellion!) and I ran into the library while clutching the card for dear life. On the way up the front walk I was thinking how I was walking under tall trees, and counting One Mississippis between lightning strikes, and then in an attempt to distance myself from tall lightning-attracting trees, I ended up walking past the flagpole, which was kind of ironic. I mean, it’s a huge metal pole sticking out of the ground! A patriotic lightning rod! Then I got in and dumped the return books on the return desk, which had been moved, and the lady gave me a weird look so I gave her one back, and then I ran to the hold shelf, which why do they make you get your “held” books yourself anyway, are they trying to make us do all the work so they don’t have to hire people anymore? Huh? Because they have self-checkouts now (which I used, I was very concerned about beating the lightning), and so I think they are trying to covertly put people out of work, and maybe that is why I don’t see the shelving guy anymore, because the evil computers got him. (This one is liable to eat me any moment, surely.)

Then I found mine, and ran out of there, the book wrapped up in the bag for protection. It wasn’t raining. I thought, if I could just go through the Acres, and be home just as the deluge came down, I would be okay. So I crossed the street (this time in the crosswalk; against the light however, what a rebel I’m turning out to be) and started jogging up the hill, but of course I was having some difficulty, and all the while the lightning was flashing every five seconds, and I just kept saying, “Please God don’t let me get struck by lightning. Please God.” And I didn’t get hit by lightning. I was about halfway through the Acres when a huge wind came up, and suddenly the little rain became a huge SPLOOSH! and I shrieked, and then a guy on a Vespa went by going “woooooooo!” so someone was enjoying it. It was quite thrilling, after all, being somewhat in danger and soaking wet. Finally I made it home, and Dodge opened the door.
“What happened to YOU?” he said, even though it was pretty clear. Then I got inside and made sure my book was still dry (it was, remarkably– I however looked like I just crawled out of the lake or something), and also I discovered that Dad had gone to look for me. He came home shortly after, soaking too.
“If I had known there was a severe thunderstorm warning,  I wouldn’t have let you go,” he said.
“Ohhhhhh… yeah. That.” I suddenly remembered seeing it on TV. “Oops.”

Then I dried off an read my book.

Just another typical day.


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