Rain, Rain on My Face

Sometimes I worry that I will run out of quotes concerning rain, and thereby titles to put on rainy-day postings. It’s like worrying about the end of the world, except not as scary.

Well, today there was such a HUGE downpour that we were inside Target (or Tar-jay, as Mom calls it) and we could hear it, the thunder and the rain just coming down in silvery sheets.
Me: “is that the rain?” Because sometimes, you know, it’s the air pressure thing or whatnot…
Mom: “I think so”
The Pharmacy Lady: “Oh it’s soo horrible!! Ugh!”
Me (at the same time): “That’s fabulous!” And it really was. It was the most glorious downpour in a while, and the sky was purplish and rolling… I do not use the word Fabulous lightly. I hope it rained on the DHFs too. That sounds kind of rude, but Bug knows what I mean– and end to writer’s/sun block.

Right now Dodge is talking to me, or the dog (I’m not really sure), saying something about how he’s “sitting here all civilized, and then that dog comes and sits by me and snorts on me, and then I start calling her Snorty…” Don’t even ask.

Well. Also while we were at Target, I became disappointed in my new shoes, because they blew my cover!! They squeaked so loud! Target is my favorite place to practice being stealthy, and alas.

I started reading two books. Both are pretty good. Mom found them for me after I spent a wretched 2 hours at the library (not my home base library, a different one) during which I could find nothing, and even the magnetic poetry wall had no good words, so I spent my time staring into space and writing in mad cursive, and listening to the librarian gossip to the other librarian about state funding.
Then Mom came to my rescue and randomly, magically found a bunch of books for me. I love her. :)

The rain also made my Dad act like a loony. He found an open can of the canned air (you know, for cleaningkeyboards and stuff) and sprayed it everywhere, and I thought he was going to get us kicked out. When we related this story to my cousin, he said, “But it was open, you have to spray it.”

All for now. I’m going camping this weekend!! WOOO!!!

Yours till the ink wells,

P.S. I just realized how completely disorganized this post is. Ah well.


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