Beauuutiful Nature

On Friday we (Me, Mom, Dodge, Poncho) went to the nature center/ metroparks with the C’s…
First we ate at Chic-Fil-A. On the way there Mom made me go through her old cell phone and save all the important numbers to her sim card. It took forever, and she did not get any of my jokes. Cuz there was someone called John D, and I was like, “OMG, John Dee is in your phone?!? DundunDUN!” And Mom just went “HUH?” and Dodge went, “You mean John Locke! HumhumHUMhum”… and then right after that there was someone named Kate. Coincidence? I think not.

Anyway. Chick-Fil-A. First of all what kind of name is that? Are they trying to sound French or something?
So on the way in I get to carry the baby (Justin), and he didn’t let out a peep! In fact he even rested his head on my shoulder! I may finally have reached a point in my life when I can actually interact with babies and small children without making them cry!
You know what did make him cry? The person in the cow suit. I cowered in the booth, too– people in animal suits are creeeeepyyy…

So then somehow I ended up playing Rock Paper Scissors with my brothers and the oldest C, Josh, except it turned into Rock Paper Missile! Volcano! Tidal Wave! BAMPOWSPLOOSH!!!!!
After we ate I had to walk the girls (Gabrielle and Christina) to the bathroom. Well, then I asked Christina what happened to her eye (it was all black and blue).
Christina: “Well I was coming back from a time out, and then I started running, and then I fell onto the upside down table, and then we had to go to the hobistable…”
Gabrielle (coming to wash her hands): “Look! Everything’s magic!”
Me: “Magic?”
Gabrielle: “See? It just comes!” As she keeps taking all the automatically unrolled paper towels.

Finally we got to the park.
(Looking out at the view…)
Me: “Look at that pretty red tree, see it? Ooh, and the river.”
Gabrielle: “Wow! I can see a wire! Look at the wire! And a road! And cars!” (pause, a little sigh) “Beauuutiful nature.”

(walking hand in hand with Christina)
Christina: “I wish I had a big sister.”
Me: “Um, you do have a big sister. Remember Gabrielle?”
Christina: “I know. I mean one that’s like 20.”
Me: “I hope you don’t think I’m 20. I’m 15.”
Christina: “Oh.”
Me: “Someday you’ll be 20, you know that?”
Christina: “Then I would be Gabrielle’s big sister!”
Me: “It doesn’t really work that way…”

And we collected acorns (“I can’t keep my eyes off acorns! I think my whole room should be painted acorns!” was Gabrielle’s declaration as we climbed the steps); went inside the tree thing and had a puppet show; pretended to be in an airplane (“You can be in it but don’t drive.”); and generally had a good time. 

It was a fun day.
Little kids are great.


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