Missing: the part of my brain that makes up titles.

I was sick all week.
I feel better now, but the illness left me with no voice. I kind of whisper and sqeak. Dodge jumped out at me yesterday and I screamed… except no sound came out. It was horrible! Like a cliche dream! Dodge, I know you don’t read this blog, but I thought we’d agreed that you wouldn’t jump out at me anymore since The Closet Incident. {I will now digress into the “Reader’s Digest version” of what happened on that fateful day. Well, I went upstairs to get something for Mom, and Dodge followed me without me noticing. He hid in Mom’s closet, and when I passed by, he stuck his hands out of the clothes and grabbed at me, and I screamed and almost fell down the stairs. My scream scared him and he came out crying.  This was years ago… *end flashback*}

During my time of being sick and feeling somewhat better, I read more of Othello; found a Jars of Clay CD (The Eleventh Hour) from years ago that Mom doesn’t remember buying; saw a live praying mantis up close for the first time ever.

Other than these small things, however, not much has been going on. Sadly I have to go back and rework some stuff in my novel. (I always want to say story but novel makes people take you more seriously, apparently. But a novel is a story. Or at least it should be. I’m talking to you, Jodi Picoult!!! You hear me, lady? I’m your worst nightmare come to life: an un-cliche teen!!) Sadly I also went over Grandma’s and took out all the tomato plants, after picking the green ones of course. I’m hoping they’ll ripen over the winter, or at least I’ll make some fried green tomatoes. I also picked some surprise eggplants (including a HUGE one), and surprise mini green peppers. Harvesting things now is both satisfying and sad. Satisfying because the bounty has gone on all summer and into fall, and I get to “put up” things for winter. Sad because the fun is over and for now the most gardening I’ll be able to do is watering the houseplants. I’ll continue composting, though (It’s turning out fabulously, and I have a lot of bug friends working for me… and loads of big spiders), and things are looking up for the crassula sarcocaulis now that the humidity is done with. Plus there are raised beds to gather materials for, and seeds catalogues to page through. I’ll need time to get ready for next spring, or as I’m calling it, The Great Expansion. Mwahahahahaha!! My evil genius plan is forming…

Time to summon the energy to do some school catch-up…



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