Burst of Writing

Mom said to me the other day that she was afraid I am giving up on my blog. How sad! Actually what’s happened is I got my act together, culled the random thoughts for a bit, and got to work on my novel. But fear not. The random thoughts are surely building up pressure that will need to be released sooner or later. Besides, I haven’t been having many blog-material adventures, sadly. OK, actually, wait. On Thursday Dodge and I walked with Lily to the post office to mail something (a note to Bug… I wonder if she’s gotten it yet…) and on the way home there were a bunch of kids walking from school, and some weirdo kid was behind us for a while until we purposely lost him in the maze of the Acres. It was kind of creepy. But he was wearing headphones that were so lound I could hear them from like a block away, so A) he fails the Stealth portion and B) he will lose his hearing in a few years.

What was I talking about?
Oh yes.

Anyway, Mom, you ought to take the less-frequent posts as a good sign that I am doing my daily writing for my novel, and not even clicking on the internet icon because once I start to type in wordpress I somehow end up an hour later on a randomly interesting website that has instructions for, say, making blackberry jam or something like that.

In other news, within the next few days the last eggplants will be fried…



2 thoughts on “Burst of Writing

  1. crescendocroise

    I would be soooo soooo sad if you stopped writing your blog! I check to see if you posted at least three times a day! I am glad to hear that your novel is coming along! I am so eager to read it! Oy. He really must have had his headphones up waayy to high.
    Love you bunches!

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