I bet there’s no trick-or-treating in Fakeworld.

So, I guess I don’t hate driving anymore. I mean, I’m not Mr Toad (poomp-poomp!) or anything, but I suppose I will be all right. I have gone on the highway, and it’s not that scary. Although I clench my teeth and brace myself with my left foot as I merge. Only one more session of driving with the driving instructor person! On Tuesday I drove with her and she made me go to (DUNDUNDUN)… Fakeworld!!! Gah! That place gives me the creeps. I told her that we call it fakeworld, and I think she thought I was joking because she laughed. So then
Me: “No, really, look how fake it is. It’s like, trying to be this cute little town, but it’s not even connected to anything, it’s like a fancy mall. Look, they even have fake apartments over the stores.”
Her: “Those are real apartments.”
Me: “Hah! Oh, wait, really?…. Well, that would be kind of sad to live here.”
Her: “Some people like it.”
Me: “But there’s no normal stores, no place to get groceries or anything–”
Her: “Trader Joe’s.”
Me: “That’s a grocery store?” I did not know that. The only grocery store I am aware of is Giant Evil. And I had to go there today! BOOOOO! Okay, sorry, tangent…  

I can’t even imagine living in Fakeworld! There are huuuge ads everywhere! And hioty-toity-ness. I cannot handle hoity-toity. Besides, if I was going for ‘above store apartment surrounded by hoity-toity people’, I would live in Lakewood.

But we saw a rainbow. A rather excellent one. As I was trying to do maneuverability for like AN HOUR. Which was quite wretched.

Anyway. Now Mom is making me drive everywhere. Annoying. I like to relax in the car, think, look out the window. I can’t even take my eyes off the road for two seconds to look into the People Zoo on the way to Irish dance now! The pain! But it is waaaaay more fun driving with Mom than with the driving person.
In fact we had a funny conversation yesterday while I was driving that I now can’t remember! CRUMB!!!

Well. Now that we’re off that topic. I might as well talk about something more interesting, namely, All Hallows Eve.

aka Halloween.
aka Costumes! My favorite part!! :)
aka CANDY!! everyone’s favorite part.

I am not going trick-or-treating this year. Nope. Nuh uh. Too old. How sad. Even though certain OTHER teenagers think they can go about wearing a paper bag on their head with holes cut in the eyes, or a sheet, or a cardboard box, and get candy. They are not getting any from me, that’s for sure. Haha. From my cardboard boat, I will be the almost-dead Lady of Shalott, and I will give them tricks instead. I have most of that poem memorized. How I shall laugh manically as they run away in terror!! “Noooo, run away, poetry! English assignments! EEK!”

Yeah. About that boat. I still have to build it, somehow.
I should get on that.
Right now.


Your procrastinator always,


One thought on “I bet there’s no trick-or-treating in Fakeworld.

  1. crescendocroise

    I can not STAND fakeworld!!!! I am sure you will look lovely in your boat. I love All Hallows Eve!
    That is just too awesome that you drove on the highway!
    Much love,
    Captain H.

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