“I am the closest thing to a friend Sherlock Holmes is capable of having. An enemy.”

I haven’t even started writing the post and I’m already off topic. Who cares. I’ll say it anyway: I LOVE Sherlock on Masterpiece!
Mmkay. See? Now it’s out of my system and I can proceed.

Today was my last day of in-car. Everything went well… Until I pulled into our driveway and started to say goodbye.
Her: “Oh, I almost forgot. Here, take one of my cards. Do you have any friends who are learning to drive?” (pause) “Oh, wait, you’re homeschooled. I don’t know if you know any other kids…”
Me: (mouth gaping open in utter and complete disbelief, eyes boggling) “……….”
Her: (seeing the look on my face) “Oh. Um. Well. Here, if you do know anyone, or I mean, unless they’ve already taken their test, I mean–”
Me: “………………”
Her: “Well, have a great school year! Bye now!”
Me: “Yeah. Um. Bye.”
I go into the house. I tell Dad what happened.
Dad: “What the heck is her problem? Of course you have friends.”
Me: “Yeah, they’re not even borrowed, either.” [A reference to Bug’s bad experience with a checkout lady.]

Why is it so hard to believe that I have friends?
Could it be because I am so smart that I remind people of the Great Detective?

Hmm. Dubious.

More likely it’s because people assume I am locked in a closet all day. It would be hard to make friends in there, at least with people. You could always befriend coats and mateless gloves and dust bunnies and whatever else you keep in closets.

Well, Dodge is impatiently calling me upstairs to watch Dr Quinn Medicine Woman (which I have no time to talk about right now, though I have much to say about it. Tomorrow, I will return and tell you all about it.) I must go. Dodge just came to inform me that “The feature is starting.”

Yours till the pumpkin seeds,


6 thoughts on ““I am the closest thing to a friend Sherlock Holmes is capable of having. An enemy.”

  1. crescendocroise

    My mouth gaped open…. I can NOT believe she actually said that! She was totally serious! Unbelievable…. I laughed abou the friends in the closet…

    1. pen2sword

      I am pretty sure everyone I know saw that rainbow, or rainbows as the case was in some places. It was so clear, the best rainbow I’ve ever seen probably.

      1. Francis

        Somewhere over the rainbow, way up high there’s a land that I’ve heard of, once when I was eating pumpkin pie…

  2. Francis

    I’m in an undergwound bunker! Wwiding my bwog! I’m munching on cheetos! Weawi’n my very fasionable foil hat… fwogs have not’n to do with it! Thats it.


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