Turning over a new leaf

Today, I jumped in a giant leaf pile. It was one of the highlights of my life so far. I mean that.

You see, I was at the DHFs’, where there are lots of big trees in the big backyard. Poor Bill made them rake the other day, and so they raked all the leaves into a ginormous pile in the middle of the yard, and left it there. Then we went outside this afternoon and decided to jump into the pile. But once I was in, I would not get out (except to make another running start of course). Bug and I were totally enthralled. I mean, I have not had the nice childhood experience of leaf-diving. This pile was soo deep and wide, we buried each other in it. We threw leaves in the air and into each other’s faces. We had leaves all over us and tangled in our hair (I still haven’t gotten them all out, actually…).

It was glorious, quite simply. Glorious.

Yours till the pin oaks,


2 thoughts on “Turning over a new leaf

  1. crescendocroise

    You guys looked like you were having a blast! Leaves flying up into the air… At one point I could hardly see you in the pile…. He he he!

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