Eliza is in KANSAS! And Bug is lonely at home. I am here, and nothing is really different for me. Yesterday I was trying to knit with circle needles, which did not work out, mostly because I could not understand the instructions for this pattern… I mean, why do they have to talk in knitter code? I pretty much wing it. But yeah, last night me, Mom, Poncho, and Dodge were at the craft store and Mom made Dodge go with me to the knitting aisle. Which took us a long time to find, strangely; it was shoved in the corner. Dodge was being hyper and random and making me laugh at everything.
Dodge: “Wow, that’s real.” He held up a superball with an eye inside it. “Yeah right. Where’s the optic nerve?”
Then we finally found the yarn aisle…
Dodge: (holding up yarn) “This one is called Bunny Tail. They chop the tails off innocent bunnies!” (find another) “And cats! It’s called cattail!”
Me: (eye roll)
Dodge: “Ooooh, this one’s so soft. Feel it.”
Me: “No thanks.”
Dodge: “Feel it. FEEL IT RIGHT NOW!”
So that was… interesting….


Yesterday was Grandma and Grandpa Vegas’ 49th wedding anniversary!!!!
So we went out to eat.

Grandpa Vegas (aka Turtle Grandpa): “So, Pen, someday maybe you’ll have a boyfriend who brings you here to eat, oooooh.”
Me: “Uh… I guess…”
Grandpa: “Make sure you eat a breath mint afterward! Hahaha!” (makes a kissing face)
I laughed, and Grandma just rolled her eyes. Which she has a habit of doing. She actually rolls her eyes at people at work. 

In other news, I finally set up my phone’s voicemail. Using a British accent. (then Eliza called from Kansas and left a message. Using a British accent. I cracked up!)
I’m looking forward to more messages left using British accents. Some people fare better than others. Dad does a really good impression of that Cockney cab driver from A Study in Pink, but he can also pull off a Jane-Austen-times type of gent. Mom is improving, but she still sounds like an American trying to sound British. Which she is, of course, but you know Americans. The main problem is they overdo it. They sound too gushy and over-enunciate-y. Most likely they get this idea from the fake Brits in American movies/shows. Sigh.

Off to write… or nap, whatever. ;)

Yours till the oak leaves,


2 thoughts on “Notions

  1. crescendocroise

    Nice picture! Loved the message machine! Dodge made me laugh! I could imagine the scene… so funny! About that knitting homework…. Love you!

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