Back to Normal. And I use that term loosely.

Today we’re starting school again! I’ll pretend to be glad about that. Well, the good thing is that now I’ve got my regular writing schedule back, so that means I’ll be able to actually get something done around here. Yesterday I was in a horrible mood all evening because every time I tried to write something, I was interrupted.

However, I was in a great mood all morning yesterday, all due to the words “dull and dismal”, and I know that makes no sense to anyone reading this, but I have to mention it because it about made my week.

Speaking of week, my birthday is on Sunday!!! Exclamation points shall now be used profusely!!! Hurrah!!! Instead of having a party, I’m doing 16 of my favorite things this weekend. The list is still in progress so I can’t say exactly what those 16 things will be, except that one of them is Eating Sweet Potato Pie. !!!! and there are some more random exclamations for good measure.

Oh, I can hear the trains going by…. chunkitychunkitychunkity, faint in the background. Sometimes it goes Woooooooo and sometimes wOOOOOOOOO, either one sounding eerie when you hear it really late at night.

Yours as as fifteen year old for only a short time more,


4 thoughts on “Back to Normal. And I use that term loosely.

    1. pen2sword

      Thanks! Weeeellll…. Let me see. 2: Speak in/ listen to British accents. 3: Hang out with friends and family. 4: go to the art museum. 5: watch a good movie/ read a good book. 6: Make birthday cookies (oatmeal chocolate chip)! 7: Write. 8: Light candles. 9: Walk in the woods. 10: Moon/star gazing. 11: Drink tea. 12: Dance. 13: Play flute/ listen to music. 14: Sleep in. 15: eat perogies. 16: Go to writer’s group.

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