Well, I was waiting for inspiration, for something to write about on here, but then it became February and I simply can’t put it off any more. I’ve been having writer’s block lately, so work on White Funeral continues, ironing out all the inconsistencies and foreshadowings and weird formatting/invisible quotation marks. Arg. (I’m a pirate!) (not really.)

Mom is off work today due to the massive amount of snow. I guess the National Weather Service was right, the big storm did come. But alas! I have no good books to read, no new things to knit, no nothin’. Bored! Time to shoot a wall? Er, not quite yet.

Speaking of shooting, on Monday I took part in some epic Nerf battles!!! Dodge brought numerous dart guns over to the DHFs’ house and gave a brief training session. Then we went into the basement and hung blankets from the cieling to make a forest/maze. Then the shooting began! I got shot in the face twice, killed thrice, and wounded once. Steph and Dodge worked as a really quite intimidating team, while Eliza, Bug, and I worked together against them. Once, Eliza’s gun ran out of ammo just as Steph was coming for her, so she cocked the empty gun and scared Steph off. Bug staked out a sniper spot, and I shot at Dodge from around a corner. Strange how the basement seems so much bigger with the maze up, and darker, too. I have to admit I wish we had warmer weather, though, so we could play outside again…

I guess that’s all I have to say for now. Hopefully I’ll have a thought or two soon. Before my wall ends up with a smiley face in it.

Yours till the snow drifts,


7 thoughts on “So…

  1. crescendocroise

    That nerf was WAS epic! You were an awesome fellow soldier… I was thinking that too… the basement DOES seem bigger with the blankets up… it must be because it takes longer to pass through it because it is a maze. Oh, and talk about snow…. we must have at least ten extra inches! (Including the wintry mix) The Weather people actually predicted it this time!! Now we are nicely snowed in from dance/art classes for this evening as we were last evening…

  2. Sharron

    The old Muse seems to have hidden from me, too, these last few weeks. I’m wondering what the heck causes it.

    Hope pen meets ink soon! For us both!

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