Early one morning

It’s 4:49 am. Wow. I just woke up, thirsty but not tired at all. Yesterday evening I felt pretty ill so I went to bed way too early, now see where it got me. Oh well. I feel better now.

Anyway… So much to say and yet so little. I don’t know how I’ve procrastinated blogging for this long; I blame the past week of un-motivation. I mean seriously I could not be bothered to even go downstairs and throw my clothes in the washer, much less write or think or anything of that sort. But yesterday I went to confession and for some reason I feel suddenly pumped about life again! Maybe I didn’t realize how much I needed that… ahh. Like a hot bath. It scalds a bit at first but once you’re all the way in it’s very soothing.

Hey, that was a pretty good thought.
Although it is 4:54 am. Who knows, maybe it was utter babble… You never can tell this early in the morning.

What time does the sun rise?

Sometimes I wonder if Google ate my brain. Usually at least once a week I take an “internet-free day”, and I basically have to tie my hands behind my back to keep myself from looking things up. “Oh yeah,” I say, “I need to find out what those grey bugs that killed my onion are” or “I need that bread recipie”. Then I literally have to remind myself that I don’t NEED to know righthisminute, what I need to do instead is focus on what the heck I was already doing before i thought of the question, instead of rushing off after answers that will lead to 2 hours– poof!– sucked away into the vortex of knowledge. 

Hey, speaking of  randomly thinking of random off-topic things: Last week, I made pumpkin muffins! And pumpkin bread! And it all came out really well! And I am going to go more in-depth on that, with lovely little pictures, but right now I am too lazy to go get the camera and upload. It takes too darn long. If only I could beam the images into your mind as you read this–
*furrows brow*

Pfft. I give up.

Good morning/good night,


3 thoughts on “Early one morning

  1. Sharron

    A very wise friend of mine tolde me a long time ago to take a ‘free’ day from the internet… I guess I have so little time to get on it, I hate to do that. Only a few minutes in the early morning and again late at night. Unless I’m writing. Can’t take a day off from writing.

    I really honor those folks who join NaNoWriMo. 40,000 words in a month is a lot… but doable.

    Hope you got back to sleep!

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