Any Volunteers?

Remember the “accidental pumpkin” that grew in our front flowerbed? Well, it had been sitting on our kitchen table for a few months, collecting dust, until I hit a moment of absolute creative boredom. Creative boredom is different from regular boredom, because there is plenty to do, but none of it is creative, and your regular creative mode has been shut down temporarily due to lack of materials, writer’s block, etcetera. So, being out of felt and writing ideas, I turned to the recipie box. Muffins? Hmmm… My eyes fell on the pumpkin.

And then:

the accidental pumpkin, looking out the window at the front flowerbed where it was born...
The accidental pumpkin, cut in half
the pumpkin after it was baked and gutted
The beautiful (and yummy) end result!

4 thoughts on “Any Volunteers?

  1. Sharron

    Drat! I had a ‘forgotten’ pumpkin. It was under a bunch of paperwork. I was gonna do something with it and my daughter said it would probably be yucky.

    So I THREW IT OUT……. Drat – won’t do that again!

    BTW – the pumpking bread looks awesome!

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