This thing appeared in the sky today and made light. What’s it called again? oh yeah, THE SUN.

Oh, now I remember! There are other seasons of the year! Sometimes it feels like it’s always been winter and always will be, and summer was just a dream… Kinda like in my novel. Haha. The snow is melting and maybe I can ride my bike soon, down past the library and maybe try going a different way besides the one crossing where I always almost DIE. Apparently whoever times the crossings thinks I can just zip across there at lightspeed. What if I was old or something? Sheesh. But anyway. I’ve been missing my bike, and I can’t wait to try out the back carrier bag things I got for it for Christmas. I can bring books and food and a trowel and water and a notebook and plants to press and watercolors and chestnuts or acorns or pears and… happy sigh.

However, being cooped up so much lately has led to one good thing. We are restoring Poncho’s childhood!
How, you ask?
Well, apparently he’s been deprived of classic children’s movies. So we made a list of movies that he has to watch, which are:
Winnie the Pooh
The Wizard of Oz
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
Bedknobs and Broomsticks
The Rescuers
Mary Poppins
Peter Rabbit
Land Before Time
101 Dalmatians
The Lorax

We’ve already watched the first three. Unfortunately our VCR (yeah, OK, don’t even say it) ate Winnie the Pooh right after we watched it. I’d forgotten how much I used to like them, actually, especially Wizard of Oz, although I always hated the part when they’re waiting to see the Wizard and the Cowardly Lion sings. I never liked the lion much. The Scarecrow was always my favorite. But one time I did put stickers all over my arms in an attempt to be the Tin Man. Then mom ended up making me a foil costume. Oh, fond memories. :)

Oh dear. There is a small crisis going on… I’d better go see what’s the matter.

Yours till the square roots,


2 thoughts on “This thing appeared in the sky today and made light. What’s it called again? oh yeah, THE SUN.

  1. poor Poncho……he does need (ok, someone got maple syrup on the ‘e’) some restoring to his childhood (now the computer is dying! great!). I can’t wait to ride on my bike too.

  2. crescendocroise

    Poor Poncho! I could not stand the part with the cowardly lion singing too! It was soooo boring… zzzzzz…. those traffic lights… they are insane! I cannot believe how fast they expect you to run, and even when it is STILL on the walk signal, the cars come turning at you! No respect for the pedestrians! I need to get out of the house too… sigh… it felt like spring yesterday….

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