“Red alert! Cloth napkins! Red alert!”

So, last night my family (Mom, Dad, Dodge, Poncho, Grandma Vegas, and me)  all decided to go shopping. But before we went, we had to stop and eat something. So we spied a restaurant conveniently located right outside the mall. Dad convinced us to go inside.

As we stepped inside, I looked around. Everything seemed normal… until–
“Red alert! Cloth napkins! Red alert!”

The alarm sounded inside my brain. Cloth napkins on the tables! And then the waitress handed Grandma a “Lent Specials” menu which included calamari. Add that to the fact that, as Dad put it, “the people all looking at us like ‘they’re gonna eat here?!?!'” and we should have gotten out of there right then. But for some reason we didn’t. 

The lady led us deeper into the resturant… (humhumHUMhum!)

We sat down at a long table where there were carrot stick out for people to snack on… Except there were only 6 carrot sticks. 
Dad: “What is this resturant, pretend you’re starving to death on an island? One carrot stick ration for each of you.”

Mom wanted to order a baked potato. She found what she thought was one, but the waitress informed her that it was actually baked potato soup. “We don’t serve baked potatoes until 5 o’ clock,” she said.
After she left:
Mom: “What the heck? Why don’t they serve baked potatoes until 5?”
Dad: “Because their baked potato chef doesn’t come in until 4.”

All in all, it was very weird. Dad and Dodge kept acting up, the food was good but expensive, and the interior of the resturant was dim and a strange modern sort of style, which made  me feel like I was in some kind of creepy spaceship.  And we did get a lot of weird looks. Whatever.

I was just glad to be out of there. I was full and the artichoke I’d eaten was so delicious. But I still felt kind of wretched afterward.

Next time, I’ll remember to speak my mind. I’ll sound the alarm! Cloth napkins are always a sure sign.



3 thoughts on ““Red alert! Cloth napkins! Red alert!”

  1. Sharron

    For some weird reason, it reminds me of Star Trek. If an ‘actor’ wore a red shirt, you knew they were going to be killed.

    So now I have to beware cloth napkins.

    Thanks for the tip *g*

  2. actually you’re quite right about cloth napkins……the hotel resturant we went to had them and the food made me get a stomach ache…..I loved your Dad’s comment about the carrot sticks.

  3. crescendocroise

    That sounds like an adventure! They must have not wanted to fill up their garbage cans with napkins…. they are being ECO friendly…. cloth napkins are not very sanitary anyways…. I loved the comment about the baked potato!

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