Hey, peeps.

So, Mom and I were at the store getting Easter candy. I was going “humhumHUMhum” about numerous things, such as teddy bears wearing bunny suits.  Then we came to the Peeps.

Rows and rows of perfectly identical yellow marshmallow birds, their thin beaks uniformly curled, their black eyes beady and small, their soft foreheads pressed against the cellophane wrap.

Just look at them.

I picked up a box. “Let us out, let us out!” I did my best little birdy voice and made them rock back and forth in their rows. And as I gazed on them, I felt bad for them.

I know.

They’re marshmallows. Obviously marhsmallows, even if they’re shaped as birds, are not alive. But I tell you! The Peeps! They were looking at me! And also, they’re kind of cute. They’re like pigoens in an old-fashioned pigeon coop. But it’s pretty sad seeing them with their heads pressed against the plastic like that. Off to be eaten.

Therefore, I hereby found P.E.E.P., or People for the Ethical Egress of Peeps.  Our motto is: If you love something (such as yellow marshmallow birds), set it free. 

We must free the Peeps, peeps!!!



5 thoughts on “Hey, peeps.

  1. Sharron Walsh

    I’m sending you an email that someone sent me about peeps!

    I loved your thought about their heads ‘pressed’ against the cellophane. I love your insight and your writing.

    You rock!

  2. crescendocroise

    Ahhh yes… I would say to free all the peeps too! Since I do not like marshmellows anyway! FREE THE PEEPS!
    We were actually looking at the Easter Egg decorating things yesterday… (You did not happen to be looking at Target did you?) and I was very dissapointed that the Toy Story kit was made so that you had to wear 3D glasses to look at the eggs! So, that means you have to put on your 3D glasses to even look at your handiwork! ITS INSANE! This 3D stuff is really annoying me… Next thing you know, they will be making a whole city in which you have to walk and use 3D glasses to see it!
    I miss you Pen!!!!!! I love you!

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