Garden Update

All the peas in my garden sprouted! Yay! Now I’m waiting rather impatiently for my Aztec beans to come up… I got out there and stare at the dirt muttering, “Please sprout, please sprout, please, please sprout.” So maybe that was accidentally interpreted as “peas sprout”?

The lettuce is coming up like crazy, too. (“Lettuce pray” as Dad says every time someone mentions it.) I think I may have actually squealed with delight when I first saw the little sprouts… Hard to believe I could be this excited about lettuce, of all things. I guess it just seems so random; one day you’re throwing seeds on some semi-cruddy soil, the next you’ve got dozens of miniature plants looking up at you. Plants that need watered… All I have is a plastic, kid-size watering can that’s been lying in our yard for the better part of a decade. But oh well. I work with what I got.

My seedlings are currently in intense hardening-off bootcamp. Well, bootcamp run by a kindergarten teacher, since I dashed out there to water the ones that were wilting in the heat yesterday. Soon, they’ll be on their own…

I’m getting kind of garden-hyper (like I wasn’t before, right?) and I want to be out there all the livelong day.
Alas, I get too hot really quickly, and have to come inside for water and hair scrunchies. Or I take a break and practice flute on my front porch. Currently I most like to play “Geese in the Bog”, “Blackthorn Stick”, and “Old Favorite”. And “Rights of Man”, which is Daisy’s favorite as well. She sings rather loudly and sounds like a wolf of yore. Kind of scary, until you look down and see her wearing a big yellow bow around her neck, her dainty paws crossed quite lady-like.

Tis all…



4 thoughts on “Garden Update

  1. crescendocroise

    Awwwww! All your little babies are growing up! Do both Daisy and Lily have pretty bows now? I miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Sharron Walsh

    Don’t you find you feel the same way towards your characters? You plant the beginnings of who they are and then – they sprout and grown and I jump up and down with glee.

    If only I could look at a garden like that. I hate gardening!

    1. pen2sword

      I like that analogy!
      Gardening is my favorite thing besides writing… I guess I see why some people don’t take to it, but for me all the hard stuff is worth it for the feeling with every new stage of the plant’s growth– I sort of feel like I’m the first person ever alive.

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