taking chances

Well, I sent some queries out today regarding White Funeral. Oh, the pain. Well, actually, I was just glad I found some people to send it to. Who knows if they’ll take a novelette, but I scoured their websites and they never said they didn’t. So, I figured I might as well put it out there. If it doesn’t work out, the world is allegedly going to end on Saturday, right? ;) But on the off-chance (ha) that the prediction doesn’t come true, I planted my seedlings outside today! And now I’m sore from hunching over the beds, trying not to compress the dirt or squish the beans. Not that it would have mattered, since we have 33 string bean plants, 20-some pea plants, and 5 Aztec bean plants. Good thing my family eats a lot of beans! I actually think I might try some, even though I don’t really like the texture, they might be better uncooked or just steamed.

Umm… anyway, off the garden/food tangent. I just wanted to say that I got over feeling sorry for myself about White Funeral, and I snapped back to the task and wrote a pretty darn good query. Took me about 3 hours to do, but hey. I wanted to cushion the fact that it’s a novella with enticing tidbits about the actual story. And don’t even get me started about how much I fretted over “should I mention the romance, I mena it’s miniscule, but should I mention it, it’s so delicate, but it’s kind of important but it’s not the main plot but…” so finally I just sort of vaguely hinted which is consistent with the way it goes in the story too. All the snail-mail ones are finished, so later tonight I will attend to the email ones.

I’m so glad I write, by the way, even though it’s fraught with difficulties, because yesterday I had an ‘incident’ at Irish dance (let’s not even go there), and instead of causing bodily harm to my dance teacher, I went home and addressed a bunch of envelopes in my best handwriting. I would have made a good villian yesterday… like the type that’s most creepy when they’re doing something normal/calm. 

I’m all right today, though. The rain stopped… even I, lover of rain and gloom and grey, was going out of my mind. I felt like I lived on Kamino! But now, it’s sort of Naboo, so it’s all good.

Yeah… Can you tell that Dodge and I watched Star Wars recently? Actually, the PG-13 one that he’s been watching a lot lately (since he’s old enough now) has one scene that gives me many essay-like thoughts… And it’s not so bad to watch the way Dodge does: he fast-forwards through all the parts with Anakin, thereby reducing the run time of the movie to about an hour.

Wow. This post was kind of scatter-brained.
Oh well.



4 thoughts on “taking chances

  1. crescendocroise

    YAYYY! I am glad you sent out more! Let me know when you get rejections or an acceptance! I hope it publishes! I will be soooo soo happy for you!

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