as the city clears and sun ascends

Yesterday evening we had a huge storm. Dad, Dodge, and I were watching the weather people on TV get really worked up over it. “Funnel cloud spotted! Tornado warning!”

Poncho came running into the living room. “WROOOP! WROOOP! EVACUATION!”
Me: “What?”
Poncho: “Mom says evacuate to the basement! WROOOP!! WROOOP!!”
Dad: (in a squeaky voice) “The sky is falling! The sky is falling!”
Me: “Uh, maybe we should, just in case.”
Dad: “Look, I see it on TV! It’s not coming.”

Except it sort of was moving northeast, toward us
So, I grabbed my jump drive, my copy of Jane Eyre, and a few other miscellanious objects and set off for the basement. Dodge sent the dogs downstairs just in case, though he stayed upstairs with Dad. Poncho and I ran up and down the stairs intermittently, trying to find out if the storm was coming closer to us.
Me: “Hey Dad, if the storm is going to hit us, you’ll let me know, right?”
Dad: “Nah, I think I’ll just stay here and watch it.”
Dodge: “Wouldn’t it be great if it swept our house away?”
Me: “If we were in the basement, yeah… Dundundundanana! Dundundundanana! What a quick solution to our problems!”
Dad: “Hey, will you go upstairs and grab my phone off the bedside table?”
Me: “Um… I guess…”
Dodge: “Nice, Dad. Send her into danger.” (Although he did not volunteer to take my place… Chivalry is dead. )

The storm ended up just below us, and the radar showed the eye of the storm in purple hovering right atop Parma. The worst we got was some serious rain for maybe 15 minutes, and then everything was calm again. Well, everything except the newspeople. They were still wigging out on TV as the very colorful blob of the storm moved east, leaving our area drenched but safe.

I called the DHF shortly after, to make sure they were all right. Which they were, happily. :)

So that was the excitement… It feels like summer now! Hot, muggy, stormy. Yup.

Yours till the funnel clouds,


4 thoughts on “as the city clears and sun ascends

  1. Good for you, you guys were prepared. Dad, me and Steph basiccally missed the storm becuase we were all distracted, beside the point the weather alert went off…..

    Ps I sick. :(

    1. pen2sword

      You’re sick??? Nooooooo….I sort of feel like I’m getting sick too, hope I didn’t catch your germs. ;)Get well, Bug my friend!

  2. crescendocroise

    Ohh…. this made me laugh!!! I loved the line “chivalry is dead.” Next group of severe weather is forecasted for tommorow… Grab your pillow case, stuff it, and off you go!
    I hope you are not getting sick! I will pray you will not!

  3. Your family is hysterical. You guys crack me up, and I can hear the WROOP! WROOP!

    I was still in Broadview Heights that night, and hail pelted my car while I was in it. I caught a break in the clouds and ran to my apartment where I saw narly storm clouds careening into each other in a way I thought for sure were going to form a tornado. Then I get here to Santiago, and I’m woken up in the middle of the night by a tremor.

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