Prince Albert, Blackberries, and my Grandpa

Grandpa was telling us stories about his childhood when we were eating dinner with him on Memorial Day. He told us about many of his mischievous escapades, such as:

Calling the drugstore that stocked a kind of tobacco called Prince Albert.
Grandpa: “Hey, do you have Prince Albert in a can?”
Drugstore Person: “Yes, we do.”
Grandpa: “Then you’d better let him out! AHAHAHAHA!!!”

“We used to do that every day!” he said at the end of the story.

So, the predecessor to “is your refridgerator running” was Prince Albert in a Can. Interesting.

Then Grandpa also told us about how he used to go into the woods to pick blackberries, and sell them door-to-door. The funny thing was, I had just brought over a blackberry plant for the garden in his backyard! So, he was happy and promised to help me eat all the berries.

He’s awesome. <3


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