America the…

Pitiful. Mom just informed me that there will be a bill to make it legal to drill for gas in the National Parks. Gee, that sounds like a great idea. I mean, really???? Ugh, it makes me so mad that i can’t even talk about why IT IS OBVIOUSLY NOT A GOOD IDEA.

All I can do is sing the song that Mom and I composed a few weeks ago. It is our own version of “America the Beautiful”, and sung to that tune. The title is “America the Pitiful.”


“Oh pitiful: polluted skies
over fields of GMOs!
Our purple mountain majesties
have been strip-mined for coal!
America, America,
what has become of thee?
Suburban sprawl consumes us all
from sea to oil-slick sea!”

And more verses coming soon, apparently. Seriously, WHY?

Want to not depend on foreign oil? Then stop driving your piece of crap “yackahoochie car” as my Grandpa would call it, and get your cushy politician be-hind on a bike. Don’t drill in the National Parks, which belong to everyone. Unless you want to give us that gas for free. America used to be so cool. We used to be the big man on the block, you know– I mean, can you think of any other countries with as many or as awesome National Parks as we have? I can’t. But yeah, let’s just destroy that too and then go whine about how Japan or China or wherever is kicking our butts.

How come only politicians vote on all this stuff? Health care, drilling, etcetera… The PEOPLE don’t get to vote, only the old dudes allegedly representing them get to. How does Kasich represent me? I mean, really?

Does he even give a rat’s fart about real life people?

This land is your land,
this land is my land
except you’ve got money
which I do not have
so you make decisions
and I watch it turn to crap now:
this land that was made for you and me.

I think I have a new song in the works, yeah? As the DHFs and I were discussing, you have to make yourself laugh about this sort of thing, otherwise it’s too depressing.

Yours till I go truly insane from having to deal with this crap,


2 thoughts on “America the…

  1. Just one comment. What about the people who live two hours from the nearest shopping center and have -20 degree winter temps? No public transit? What would you suggest for them?

    1. pen2sword

      Car. ;)
      No seriously. I mean, that’s why the problem really gets me so mad. It’s like, normal people are trapped. Even my family, in an urban area, can’t get to everything by foot or bike… and don’t even mention the bus. It takes five hours and twenty bucks to get across town. Horrid. Plus, we live right up against Lake Erie, so I get what you mean about the cold too.
      I guess maybe it didn’t come across, but I don’t blame the average people at all. It’s not our fault that we don’t have public transportation, or alternative ways of getting to where we want to go. It’s the fault of higher-ups who think, oh, everyone has a car, we don’t need to change anything. But I’ve seen firsthand people who can’t afford a car, and they’re forced to deal with the majorly screwed-up bus system or walk two hours to get somewhere. In the winter, I see them walking along the edges of roads. Something is definitely wrong here– not just environmentally, but with quality of life. A person should be able to get where they are going quickly, cheaply, and energy-efficiently. Maybe it’s too high a standard, but I believe people deserve that.
      Anyway… I think we need to find a myriad of different soutions and ideas that could be adapted to different people, places, and situations.

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