I’m ill, so you know what that means: time to update the blog! Yeah, since my sore throat makes it difficult to talk, I’ll blather on with the help of my keyboard.

Not only do I have a sore throat, I think there must be something wrong with my psyche that causes me to want to make stuff. Baskets out of weird shoot things off our treelawn tree. A deerskin jacket or moccasins. Knitted gloves. Earrings. A scrap quilt. Pizza from complete scratch. A dress. A roof for the Tower. Something out of the now-defunct roof of the Tower. A drawing of Charlotte Bronte. A song. A poem. A novel, for pete’s sake.

Seriously? Isn’t it enough to keep up with gardening, dancing, writing, running around here and there and wherever we’re going today, and oh yeah, eating/sleeping. Apparently the answer is No. Vehemently. So I do my best to stay sane while reading all about the many methods of working a hide into leather, or scouring the internet for pesto recipes, or some such activity.  

Also, I think I’m woods-sick. I am practically DYING to be somewhere woodsy or watery right now. Lake. River. Park. I don’t care. I need somewhere to climb logs and rocks and run around. Basically I need to be a kid for, like, five minutes before I remember that I’m 16 1/2 and should be doing something useful. Which, you know, the great paradox of my personality is that every time I think “I should do something productive with this block of time”, it shuts my brain down and I sit around watching TV or getting sucked into the vortex of the internet. And when I come back out of my procrastination-induced coma, I feel so ADHD it’s not even funny.

Like right now. I’m about to bounce off the walls– hypothetically of course. I’m really tired, and I should probably take a nap so I can get well soon, but I want to be awake and I wish I was running through evening woods, not that  would be able to breathe all that well without making my throat burn even more than it is now. OK, I change my wish, then. I wish I was sitting on the banks of some familiar body of water, watching the sun get lower and feeling the air cool, and listening to leaves and water… and finding some strange rock or nook or hollow tree, some secret place like that which you can never really find again except by accident…

Wistful sigh…

In better news, my tomatoes are blooming!


4 thoughts on “Alas…

  1. crescendocroise

    Poor thing! I am soo sooo sorry that you are sick! It is soooo frustrating when it is so beautiful out and you have to be indoors and feeling sicky! I will pray all the graces I have recieved at the ocean today on to you!

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