helter-skelter in a summer swelter

It’s the hottest summer since I’ve been alive (true fact, my friends). So hot I’ve wished desperately for air conditioning. (Gasp!) We spent a whole day at the library, at the DHFs’ house, at Grandma Vegas’ house, and in front of fans. The only time it’s been semi bearable has been the past few days in the morning and evening. Around 2pm the heat is too much but then outside it cools down around 6:30. I’ve been out weeding, staking tomatoes, and trying to tame the wild bean vines that the catalogue said would “not require trellising”. That was a total big fat lie, because they did need trellising, and even the trellis wasn’t enough; they spilled over and got tangled around eggplants and our neighbors’ rose bushes. The cukes refused to climb the trellis despite my best efforts (it may have been due to the fact that it’s a very crappy trellis, for squash anyways) and are crawling steadily out from their section into the rest of the garden. Oh well. At least I see a lot of bees, and TONS of spiders.

Which reminds me…

While at a baseball game last week, we were sitting in the nosebleeds under the awning (but it was raining so HA HA LOSAHS WITH CLOSER SEATS!) and in the middle of the fifth inning, a gigantic spider fell out of nowhere onto my lap. I cupped it in my hands, but it crawled out and up my arm where it perched for a while, and then it climbed over my shoulder and disappeared. It was like a bigger version of the little pale spiders that are always in our house.

Anyway… Now Dad is looking for the remote, talking to himself…
“Let’s see under here…  Augh! Eww! Ew– Hey, money.”
Now he’s found it, and he’s dancing around with it, talking in an annoying girly voice…
“oooh, wah, wah, I can’t find the remote, I looked everywhere, oooo–” (normal voice) “You were sitting on it!”

I think the heat may be getting to him.

Well, to take my mind off the heat, I’ve been making a winter hat (well, it’s a fall and spring hat, too– and very cute and almost done, I might add!). Also reading informational books and watching a lot of movies… Sadly, almost all the movies I’ve watched lately, I’ve sort of hated the end. Mom and I have been having a Tom-Hanks-movie-not-marathon, which means we borrowed every Tom Hanks movie from the library (that was kind of awkward checking out… The librarian looked at me weird, and I just shrugged, like, it’s my mom’s obsession, I just go along with it) and have been watching them whenever we can. We watched The Terminal, which was allegedly a romantic comedy but they could have taken the girl out of the movie, she was pretty irrelevant to the plot. Then we watched… oh drat, what was it? Well, I can’t remember. We watched You’ve Got Mail, which was my favorite, but I thought the ending was cheesy and dumb and she should have just fallen in love with the guy even though he was the same guy anyway, but it was kind of a huge rip-off in terms of character development and storyline. I mean it was a happy ending, but not as good as it could have been if they did it my way. Obviously, I should write movies too now. (That was sarcasm– I would fail horribly at script writing.)   

Plus I’ve been getting ready for the county fair (woot? maybe?), practicing dance and flute, and working on Within a Dream (Dodge is my peer review/guinea pig, and extremely helpful– he even gave me an idea for the next chapter! Which I want to finish before Saturday…), my life really does seem helter-skelter. And I don’t much like it. I think this has been my least favorite summer so far, despite its fun moments. There were even a few weeks where I stopped composting because life was seriously that depressing (and I might have passed out from heat stroke on my way to the backyard).

Dear God: Can we, like, skip August, and have two Octobers instead? Thanks.



2 thoughts on “helter-skelter in a summer swelter

  1. Oh you poor dear!!!! Don’t be depressed!!! And, a good thing you said to skip August instead of September. I also agree with you, even with the AC, to have two Octobers instead. Your Dad is very funny.

  2. crescendocroise

    I am so sorry that you are depressed! You need to come back to the B-AC. I wish I could give you a big kiss! You should feel better in the Fall. I am sooo excited to see your finished hat! I love you, deary!

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