In absolute wonderment…

As you probably already know, I compost. In fact, I’ve been composting for, what, like a year now? Well, in early July, I simply quit. I stopped even trying. Weird non-grape-vines had completely usurped the behind the garage area and climbed the fence that keeps my compost pile away from the dogs (and neighborhood wildlife, if there is any left alive after meeting the aforementioned dogs). 

A couple weeks passed and I couldn’t stand to throw another stem, leaf, or peel away. So I gathered them up and steeled myself for the sight that would surely await me when I looked at my compost… I imagined a rotting, mouldy, fly-infested, stinky mess.

Instead, I saw:

A pile of dirt.

The blackest dirt I have ever seen, a bit boggy from the recent rains, but dirt all the same. On top of the pile, there were a few recognizable bits, but everything else had decomposed. A few potato bugs crawled lazily down the little hill of my composted dirt. I stared.

I can’t believe it actually worked! And just in the nick of time: I’m expanding the garden at my grandparents’ house to include a strip of earth along their driveway, which Grandpa has been spraying with weed-killer for years. It will need plenty of compost nutrients to make it hospitable for next spring! 

I’m completely amazed…

On a side note of amazement: I just harvested a basketful of green beans from my garden, along with four cucumbers! It’s the little things that make me happy. :)



3 thoughts on “In absolute wonderment…

  1. Sharron

    I used to garden. When the kids were little. I kill things inside, but did have a bit of luck with the outside stuff. Now, I let my daughter do it. She’s got pumpkins coming up. And that means – Halloween soon. Life is good!

  2. crescendocroise

    Yayyy! Congratulations on your new dirt! You big experiment has been a success! Have you harvested anything else lately? I love you!!!

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