I died and went to Heaven. Then we ordered Chinese.

Last week, I finally got to see it.

The Public Library.

I mean, The public libary. The main branch downtown. It was ENORMOUS. There were marble floors and marble stairs with marble banisters. Mom, Poncho, and I always took the stairs, but Dad and Dodge took the elevators the whole time. The first floor was like a grand cathedral, with those library windows with the arched panes at the top looking like a sunrise. It was so quiet, too. Then up we went to the second floor, which had the same cool windows, but also so many shelves that there was like two floors in one where you could go up on a little balcony. The shelves stretched from floor to cieling, their rows interspersed with lots of antique books, the spaces between stacks narrow. There were also these long wooden tables with little lamps sticking out of them, and comfortable circle-backed chairs to sit in. We explored some more, and found a grouchy-looking bust, and a room full of chess, and a gated courtyard. It was my dream, a place of wonders wild and new… I left with my head full of idea for stories and future homes.

Then in the car, Dad and Dodge told us about the elevators. Turns out they’d taken the employee’s only one by mistake, and had gone on an odyssey of their own through levels they weren’t supposed to know about. Until an actual employee got on, freaked out, and helped them find their way back.

Later that day, Poncho went to Grandma Vegas’ house and the rest of us at home were hungry for dinner. So everyone finally convinced me to get Chinese food, which I had never had, and it turned out to be very, very, very yummy. Even if the sweet & sour sauce looked like syrupy children’s ibuprofin– it tasted amazing. So did the wonton soup.

So, it was an awesome day last Friday. And this Friday I will get to do something fun again– I am going to the Ripe Festival with Bug! We shall go all garden-nerd-y about delicious things that grow on plants, and eat some of them too. Plus we will get to hang out for the day… 


PS: Yes, Mom, I am tagging you in this post. Because everyone, I would like the record to state that it was HER IDEA to go to the library. And she was right that I would love it. :)


2 thoughts on “I died and went to Heaven. Then we ordered Chinese.

  1. crescendocroise

    He he he! I cannot believe your Dad and Dodge went on an employee’s elevator! That is so funny! That library sounds too cool! Is it a library where you can borrow books or is it like a museum?

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