I like your Eeyore sweatshirt.

So, today is Poncho’s birthday! He had his friends over today and there was much Lego ninja-ness. So yesterday we were trying to get things ready for that (on top of a lot of other things), and we had all paused in the kitchen, where Mom was standing in her pajamas and freaking out.

Mom: “I’m really stressed, OK? I’m under extreme stress.”
Dad: (sarcastically) “No way, really?”
Me: shaking my head in the background and mouthing ‘not cool’ to Dad.
Dad: “I mean… what can we help you with? Do you need something?…. I like your Eeyore sweatshirt.”

Then we all just burst out laughing. 

So, happy 11th birthday, Poncho!


PS: dear blog readers… I didn’t mean to be gone that long, alas. Life’s been crazy (Halloween, movie making, writing, house hunting– and finding!) but I’m back now. :)

PPS: Like the new header? Picture is courtesy of Dodge’s fab photography skills. He also had to help me upload it as I clicked the mouse a hundred times, frumiously saying “It’s not loading! It’s not loading!” 
Dodge: “What are you going to do when you need to download stuff for two hours? New computers need that.”
Me: “You’ll do it for me. Right?”
Dodge: “Riight.”


3 thoughts on “I like your Eeyore sweatshirt.

  1. crescendocroise

    WOW! Dodge has a great eye for photos…. really, he is a blossoming photographer…. You made me laugh with your “not cool”… he he he! I just love you, Pen!!!

    1. pen2sword

      It’s amazing to me how Dodge can make the most normal things– strawberries, dance shoes, lighting fixtures, benches– look absolutely gorgeous.
      Love you too!

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