thy canopy is dust and stone.

Having to title blog posts lends itself to a lover of randomly discovered quotes. The above is from Romeo and Juliet, and is part of what Paris says over her tomb. “Muffle me, night, awhile.” is another good one from the same. I can’t wait to read the full play for school! But I have to finish that blasted book Frankenstien first. Sigh. Hopefully Dracula will be better.

Anyway…. I needed a brain break. My head is partially exploding because, well, I have a lot of things to get ready for the new house (we signed the lease yesterday… woot? yay?) and the thought of going through the chaos of my bedroom is enough to give a delicate creature such as myself a headache.

[This is a bit off topic, but yesterday we all got our pictures taken for this parish directory thing, and the picture-taking lady kept calling me “princess”. I was like I HATE PRINCESSES inside, but on the outside I just smiled and went along with it. Why do picture taking people always rub me the wrong way? They’re always tilting my head and pushing my shoulders back and saying inane things in an attempt to make me smile. “On a count of three, say ‘We never fight'” she said while taking a pciture of me and the brothers. “We cannot tell a lie,” I said through my teeth.]

Wow, that was a long tangent. Anyway, yeah. I’m excited, but also procrastinating by first trying to work on writing, then by writing a blog post. Then by eating a sandwhich while writing a blog post (why didn’t anyone tell me we had lunchmeat? Food hoarders).

Now I am staring out of the front window. Sometimes I do this in the middle of writing things. I stare out, and depending on my mood, I might contemplate the sky, the clouds, the trees… or smashing the asphalt open with a sledgehammer. You know. Peaceful, happy thoughts.


PS: “sword” is “words” rearranged. That’s telling, no?


5 thoughts on “thy canopy is dust and stone.

    1. pen2sword

      Well, I can’t stand the main character. I know, he’s not supposed to be very likeable, but it’s hard to read from a person’s POV when every ten minutes they make you go *facepalm*.
      However, I think the book itself is interesting, in the themes and just finally getting the original version, not Hollywood/Halloween’s interpretation.

  1. crescendocroise

    The smashing of the asphalt with a sledgehammer made me laugh! I can think of times that I would like to take a chain saw to the lightposts down Lorain rd.

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