Precious Tetris

Moving is…..


We’re throwing things into Dad’s new (insanely yellow) truck and the back of the van, driving back and forth to the new house, putting things in bedroom closets and basement corners. One of my tasks was to pack up all the Precious Moments figurines from the dining room hutch. Then Mom made me organize them in some theme-related manner, the result of which was me trying to make the boxes fit into other boxes in an optimal-usage-of-space. It’s a new game I like to call…. Precious Tetris! Every time I finished a box (oh yes, there were many boxes of boxes) it was Next Level time. I also played Mini Tetris by packing small, breakable items inside of loaf pans.

I also packed:
One million rolls of film (Mom told me to label the box, so I wrote “Please Develop These!”)
CDs (and casett tapes. …..really?)
nature items (feathers, shells, rocks, a bit of a wasp nest– what’s a bedroom without them?)
all my books (*cries*)
an electric typewriter (there is truly nothing like it for curbing the inner editor! I get good ideas while typing on it, which happened yesterday night while I was there…)
most of my clothes (I have a huge closet now, and I take up one fourth of it.)

Poncho packs like four toy guns in a box and takes it over. Then this morning he was complaining that he has no boxes. Hmm, I wonder how that happened.

We also took over the Christmas tree, which will now be kept in the basement, since the new house doesn’t exactly have an attic.

Dad: “I’ll sure miss throwing it down the stairs.”
Mom: “We could throw it down the stairs after…?”

I know. The loss of a lovely Christmas tradition. But, the way the ceiling peaks in the new living room prompted Dad to suggest that we get an extra-humongous tree. “It could be like the White House tree.”
Me: “Christmas at the gray house.”
Dodge: “How would we decorate it?”

It’s going to be interesting having Christmas at the new house. I’m pretty excited…. But not about packing more boxes, or vaccuuming more baskets, or seeing another square inch of contact paper…. But at least by the end of this madness I’ll be really, really good at Tetris. ;)



5 thoughts on “Precious Tetris

  1. crescendocroise

    He he he! Is is not funny that both of our Dads got insane coloured cars? Bright yellow and neon blue? Mama keeps insisting that his car does not match the house….
    Moving is such a great time! I love moving! I wonder how the guinea pigs and dogs will manage???

    1. pen2sword

      Haha, yes, our dads are more alike than they realize…. Moving is fun through all the insanity. We took the dogs over yesterday to visit the new house. They LOVE the new yard! So much more room to run, surrounded by trees full of squirrells! Now, if only they don’t try to eat the fou-fou dogs next door… ;)

  2. Well, your Mom is right, you could throw the Christmas tree down the stairs after…..

    Well, I have to say even though moving is insane it still must be rather fun. You poor thing, having to pack all the precious moments (I also liked what you labled the box with all the film :)

  3. Sharron

    I hate moving. I’ll be doing it in the spring and I am not looking forward to it. Ah – perhaps an experienced mover such as yourself can come over and help pack!. LOL

    Glad you’ll be settled for Christmas.

    1. pen2sword

      I would totally do that. It’s gotta be way more fun helping someone move than actually moving oneself. ;) Almost done, though!

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