a message from the beyond…



Did you miss me?

Yeah. I’m a little insane right now, from not having the internet in a week, or more, I think. I;ve been able to access email once or twice, and look up a few things in bits and scraps. To do this post, I had to outwit a computer at the school where my mom works. It’s all because we’re living at our new house now (yay! I must say, unpacking is way better than packing.) and the internets have not yet been connected. Tomorrow is the day we’re back online. I hope.

I mean, I didn’t think not having internet would have this big of an effect on me. I consider myself very low-tech. Anti-tech, sometimes. Convenience, bah humbug! But the past few days have proven me pretty wrong.

Still, I guess it’s been good. I’ve been reading real books a lot more. Plus, my room is pretty much unpacked; I’m just working out the details. I can see the moon setting as I lay in bed– I saw the lunar eclipse the other night. I have been looking out of the spy-hole in the side door, and gazing at the sky, learning where everything is and what is around me. The new house is starting to feel like home….

From beyond the realm of internet,


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