I could live on bread and cheese. (And only on that? So can a rat!)

Today I am what Poncho is calling his “human lab rat”, meaning I have this chart where I am to record my heart and breathing rates at certain times– the first of which was ‘upon waking’. I don’t think that one turned out very scientific, as I didn’t have a watch of any kind, and was trying to count my pulse and the seconds. So it says that my heart beat 30 times per minute, which makes it sound like I was in a half-alive coma state. (Possibly this is true. I had just woken up, after all.) (I don’t think “woken” is a word.) (Too bad.)

Also today I went to the grocery store with Dad. This was our list:
hamburger buns

This is what he tried to convince me to buy:
butter pecan syrup
pecan pie
some kind of soup
apples (again)
basically everything we happened to walk past

Then we ended up standing in the middle of the deli area because someone he knew was there, and they were talking. Whilst the deli counter lady was calling to me from behind, and Dad was not telling me what kind of cheese to get, so I asked for sharp chedder. This prompted the deli lady to go into great depth telling me that they did not have sharp cheddar, well actually they did but it was expensive and–
Me: “OK, never mind…”
Lady: “Do you want a half pound of it? A quarter? Are you sure? Do you want a slice to taste? Here it is, it’s good, it’s wrapped in wax.” (because only legit sharp cheddar is wrapped in wax, apparently)
Me: “No, seriously–”
Lady: “Oh, I see, you’re sorry you even asked.”
Me: …………………….
Dad: “Ask for some colby jack.”

You see why I juse loooooove shopping.

Now Dad is actually cooking the hamburgers, and sighing and talking to himself and– “Oops, somethin’s on fire.”

Oh boy.


PS: Yes, the title is from Annie Oakley. Yes, I remember that from third grade. Though not the accompanying dance moves, sadly.


4 thoughts on “I could live on bread and cheese. (And only on that? So can a rat!)

    1. pen2sword

      Today my computer told me that “untethered” was not a word, yet dictionaries seemed to disagree. Really, spellcheck, really? ;)

  1. crescendocroise

    Poncho is so funny! He always has the most creative games and experiements! Speaking of deli counters… My dance teacher had me try on a hair net that was supposed to be like a snood from the 40’s and her daughter told her and me that I looked like a lunch lady… cough, cough…
    I did not even know they had sharp cheddar at the deli… wrapped in wax too? Fancy!

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