Christina: “Open your mouth.”
Me: “Ahh.”
Christina: “Your tensils are getting too long! I need to take them out. You’re asleep now.”

I just got back from playing patient with the C’s. Well, two of them, the girls. There was a doctor kit and I had my tonsils removed like three times because they kept coming back.

Christina: (taking my blood pressure) “It says you’re very sick.”
Me: “What do I have, doctor?”
Christina: “Ummmm… What should you have?”
Me: “I don’t know. Influenza? Yellow fever? Smallpox?”
Christina: “Yeah!”
Me: “Really? Smallpox?”
Christina: “No. You have… a headache.”
Me: “What would you prescribe?”
Christina: “Some medicine. I’ll go buy it.”
Me: (I like this doctor!)

Later, Christina was doing tonsil removal on Bug for the tenth time, and she was plucking at the air around Bug’s throat with vigor.
Bug: “How many tonsils do I have?”
Christina: “I don’t know! They keep growing! Just… twenty.”

Gabrielle: “Your blood is great.”
Me: “Great.”
Gabrielle: “But, you have a spinter in your neck. And if I don’t take it out soon, it will get as big as your throat, and we’ll have to cut you open.”
Me: “Oh dear.”
Gabrielle: “Take this medicine, it will make the splinter come up. There, I see it! OK, I’m going to take it out now. This is going to take… um, two days.”

Well, I never want to have my tonsils taken out now. Although once I was given ice cream, I got better in two minutes.

If only real medical care was like that.

‘Tis all for now…


PS: Tomorrow morning, the library interview!!! I am going to bed now…


3 thoughts on “Tonsillitis

  1. crescendocroise

    Yep, nothing like being a patient for your dear little friends! Let me see… I know I had uncontrolable relfexes, a very high fever, and earbloodtitus (a rare case when the heart stops beating and the ear starts pumping the blood instead. So says Dr. Poncho.) I think I only got my tonsils pulled twice… you must have been a very rare case indeed! I love the C’s!

  2. Once I was over the shock thinking you really had to have your tonsils out, I enjoyed this. My little one is constantly ‘doctoring’ me, in between building caves and going shopping and being princesses. Loved the sharing!

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