sparrows on the windowsill

Finally, finally, the birds have found the window feeder! Well, one of them, a female sparrow. She has been coming for the past couple of days. I thought she was so pleased with her conviently located (around the corner from the eaves of the house/my other bedroom window where a host of sparrows live) food jackpot that she was keeping it to herself. But then this morning there was another sparrow, too! I am so happy! I also have the feeling that with all the sparrows around, I may be soon feeding my own army of winged minions.

So. The library interview.

There were ten questions I had to answer, things like “What do you think are some important qualities a page should have?” (I said attention to detail, ability to focus on the task at hand, and friendliness/being a nice presence in the library) and things like that. A lot of the questions were kind of dumb, actually. Mainly the situational ones, like “Your friend gives you free concert tickets for a night you have to work. What do you do?” Duh. I call and ask if I can trade shifts with someone, but if not, I go to work. And “You don’t usually wear a hat or gloves or boots, and one of the librarians asks you to shovel the front walk until the maintenance crew arrives. What do you do?” Um. Ask another page if I can borrow some gloves, and even if I can’t, I go shovel. Like I’m going to say “I would not shovel” or “I’d skip work” in an interview! Not that I would. I was being honest. But those are dumb questions because no one is going to answer in the negative! Unless they’re incredibly stupid, which I doubt they would be if they passed the test.

After the interview, I walked home under the assumption that Dad was there. He wasn’t. The house was locked. I couldn’t walk back to the library because my shoes had rubbed my heel raw and bleeding. I tried riding my bike back, but the tire was flat. In short, I was trapped outside for an hour and a half praying I would make it through the ordeal with all my toes intact (it was snowing. Of course. And just the day before I had been talking about frostbite). Which luckily I did. Mom eventually came home and found me and had about two seconds of “WHERE THE BLEEP WERE YOU???” before she made me lie on the couch covered with blankets and felt sorry for me because of my frozen state and the bloodstained shoe.

I still can’t wear regular shoes. I’ve been wearing moccasins even when they completely don’t match because oh the pain. But I have all my toes.

Then, yesterday I was incredibly ill all day with some mysterious illness that we thought could be anything from an about-to-rupter appendix to a food allergy to just a weird stomach “blup-blub” as Rachel would say. This morning I feel much better, almost completely well again, except kind of weak because I’m afraid to eat anything. I’m pretty sure the appendix thing isn’t going to happen, though.

Now I have to get ready to go to the doctor’s…. Hurrah. (That was definitely sarcasm.)

Basically the lesson is: There’s always a mishap when I’m involved. Sigh. Soon I will hear back from the library, and maybe the whole survival episode will be worth it. Perhaps I shall soon be writing you as a newly-minted minimum-wage slave!

Yours till the sunflower seeds,


3 thoughts on “sparrows on the windowsill

  1. crescendocroise

    Your poor, poor feet!!!!!!! Now you may need some super-de-duper blister bandaids for dance this week!
    Maybe you need Dr. Poncho to examine you and diagnose this mysterious sickness… he sure found a mysterious sickness with me… earbloodtosis…sigh… I love Poncho… Hurrah for the sparrows! I hope you feel better!

  2. Aunt Margie

    Why don’t you have a housekey? why doesn’t grandma have a spare key. Why could you not call a relative who could have helped you before the frostbite, If you get locked out on a Wednesday or Friday, call Aunt Margie working at home and I would pick you up til someone comes home? Carry a quarter for a payphone?
    bloody feet-get some tennis shoes

    1. pen2sword

      I didn’t have a cell phone, so that was my main problem, or else I could have called someone… And I agree, I am wearing only practical shoes from now on!

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