they were the footprints of a gigantic hound!

I watched the new Sherlock over the weekend and I was pretty disturbed by how it was not as good as season one the gas mask thing.

Have I ever mentioned that I love strikethrough? I sometimes wish it was possible to have things like parenthesis and strikethrough in spoken conversation. It would be fun because then we would all have an outlet for dry humor/side notes/things that are only vaguely connected to the main topic.

Anyway. Speaking of dogs and psychological trauma…

You know what, I can’t.
I can’t even.
I can’t really say what happened at the weekend.

Except that it was a complete disaster. The Mother’s Day Dog Disaster. Not as much of a ring to it as, say, The Titanic or the Great Chicago Fire, but still destined for infamy.

We kept talking about it for hours on the day of the incident, and Poncho would shout, “Change topic!” and everyone would go, “Yeah, definitely” and the topic would change for all of two seconds before circling back again.

So, change topic!

In other news, Eliza sent me a list of things to pack for the long-awaited beach trip. I saw it and my eyes kind of bugged out because I thought, It’s coming up so fast! Of course, I am having trouble preparing for it because I want to look like an impressionist subject standing in the waves with one hand holding my skirt out of the water and the other keeping my straw hat on, but I’ll end up looking like, well, another person wearing spandex. Where can I find what Emma Woodhouse wore to the beach? Because I’d like to borrow it, thanks.

Also, I have been reading Don Quixote. Finally! I’ve been wanting to read it for ages. There is one of those optical-illusion pictures (like, do you see a face, or windmills?) in this restaurant that my family is/was obsessed with, and we kept getting seated right under it. It brought back memories of seeing it on Wishbone and I became determined to read it. Then it came in to the library and I couldn’t believe how huge it is. I can’t take it anywhere because I don’t feel like lugging the equivalent of a few bricks around. But it’s quite good so far. I mean, it’s starting to bother me how they get seriously beat up just about every day, but the dialogue and the author’s comments (“the sun shone so ardently that it would have melted his brains if he had any”) are worth it to me. Plus every time they mention that his horse is named Rocinante I think, “on my ship, the Rocellante” and wonder if Rush did that on purpose.

Probably not.

Poncho was watching ‘Arthur’ today and I overheard the characters doing a poetry reading. “In the room the children come and go, talking of milk and oreos.” Oh, you sneaky kid-show writers.


7 thoughts on “they were the footprints of a gigantic hound!

  1. I have yet to finish Sherlock Series 2, which is bad because everyone on tumblr has. Fortunately I have an inkling of what’s going on, considering that I actually read the books.
    I still love Arthur.

    1. pen2sword

      I tried to read the books and couldn’t get into them. *cringes* I know, I know, I’m now one of those people who only watches the movies of things… Well, I did read The Hound of the Baskervilles, and quite liked that one.
      Ah, yes, Arthur is classic. :)

      1. I sigh at you. The main problem when comparing Sherlock to the books is that it’s not actually retelling the stories, just rearranging the characters and coming up with new plots. Every so often there’s a nod the books, and for the most part, that works. Sometimes it really, really doesn’t – like in “A Scandal in Belgravia.” The original Irene Adler was supposed to be Sherlock’s match, the only woman who ever beat him. That… didn’t happen in Sherlock.

  2. I love the way the character of Watson is so upfront. Sometimes, they focus solely on Sherlock and Watson looks like a real dunce. But this one doesn’t do that. I missed the Hound one, but have set it to tape. I think tonight.

    I love Don Quixote. I’ve read it a number of times and just loved it. So odd, so tragic, so beautiful. We’ll have to chat sometime.

    As for Wishbone – one of the best kids programs (besides Little Bear).

    1. pen2sword

      Oh, I’m so glad I know someone who’s read Don Quixote! I have a feeling this will be one of those books I’ll be dying to discuss intesely with someone…

  3. crescendocroise

    Poor Pen… The Dog Incindent is definitely tragic… I will change the subject…
    Your Impressionist beach image made me laugh! But believe me, you can do it if you want to! We can definitely take pictures of you! I wore a dress on the beach with my hair tossing in the wind. I highly encourage you to find a Emma Woodhouse dress and hat! It would be epic!!!!! Love you!

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