Guest Post: Watermelon

This is a guest post by Mom, recounting a lovely family conversation we had in the car on our way home from visiting and having dinner with our cousins…….

By Mom

On the drive home, just as I drifted off to blissful rest, my husband started the following conversation:

Husband: “So, we still have our watermelon in the cooler, eh?”
Me (jolting awake and turning toward him): “WHAT?!!”
Husband: “The cooler…it still has our watermelon in it.”
Me: “Then what did we eat at dinner?”
Husband: “Their watermelon.”

(Pen, Dodge, and Poncho in unison)

Pen: “I thought we were eating OUR watermelon. ……….AWKWARD…”
Poncho: “What? I thought we were eating our watermelon, too!”
Dodge: “Hee-hee-hee, we still have watermelon.”

Me: “Oh my gosh! We’re like, the RUDEST cousins EVER!”
Husband: “No we’re not. We weren’t supposed to bring something, were we?”
Me: “Ummmmmmmmm……….yeah!! We brought WATERMELON!! And now, we’re taking it back?! OMG OMG! You are such a dork!”
Husband: “Well, I wasn’t in charge, and why did you take watermelon? Amy probably wanted you to bring a side dish. Why didn’t you bring a side dish? You’re the dork for taking watermelon.”
Me: “Pen suggested it. Everyone likes watermelon.”
Dodge: “Hee-hee-hee, we still have watermelon.”
Pen: “I didn’t suggest we BRING IT BACK HOME!!”
Me: “I gotta email Amy.”

And, she did. She emailed her this post (almost) just as you see it. We were forgiven. Ironically, Amy never knew that we’d brought the watermelon. For all she knew, we brought no contribution to the dinner. (Which was very good by the way. And I ate TONS of the watermelon– theirs, and ours later…) So, that was the latest excitement (or should I say ABSOLUTE MORTIFICATION THANKS A LOT DAD) and now Mom is saying “Hurry up and post it, I want to see myself tagged!” So, now you know her ulterior motive for volunteering to be a guest poster.

Mom, your name is seriously the biggest tag. You have nothing to worry about in that respect.

Yours till the water melons (this was Mom’s suggestion of an ending…cough…),


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