to watch his woods fill up with snow

I have a big book of Literature (ie Alleged Classics! Let’s just call it what it is, people) that used to belong to Mom. So I was digging through it for poems that I like, and I discovered that I do not hate Robert Frost. Due to (cliche as it sounds) “Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening”. Although I kind of wanted to yell to Frost, “You took the stupid road less traveled*, remember? You’re supposed to do your own thing!”

And that’s kind of how I feel about life in general now, I mean– taking the road less traveled is so far making all the eye-poking-out difference, believe me. But Frost, you had two choices, two “roads”, if you like (because we are all aware that you love metaphors for life). One was to go into the woods, and watch snow fall, and do what you wanted despite the fact that later you might have been sleep deprived and reputed as flaky (ha-ha, puns) for being late. Instead you chose to make it to your appointment on time and do everything right and get healthy amouts of sleep but I think you never did see those woods again. Take that road less traveled, you smart aleck.

OK, so I lied. Maybe I’m still not on great terms with this guy.

Still, I do like “Stopping by Woods”, and this is just one interpretation I got from it. The first interpretation was just that he wrote a very nice poem about something that happened to him. Really, all other interpretations are more about WHY he wrote about it. Lots of things happen to poets, but there are reasons they put some to paper. There must be something about the experience that he couldn’t get out of his head. 
Also do you find it a little strange that I have hypothetical conversations with dead writers?
Because I find it strange.

I wish I could have a real conversation about writing (and books and life and stuff) with the Quill Fellowship, but they are both away… Alas, it’s just me and all the little voices in my head.

Yours till the pork chops, (Dad’s obsession has shifted from Making Lawn Furniture to Daily Grilling of Dinner)

*You think I had a lot to say about “Stopping by Woods”? Don’t even get me started on “The Road Not Taken”…


3 thoughts on “to watch his woods fill up with snow

  1. crescendocroise

    Alas! I am still in Kansas! I will be home for our Monday quill meeting though! Fear not, oh lonley, un- conversed with friend! Your quills will return to the artist’s den!

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