Do Not Shake

There was a Sharpie marker sitting on the table beside my computer just now, and I saw that on the side it has a bunch of instructions. One of which was “Do Not Shake”.

So what do you think I did?

I shook it.

Because I was thinking, How can you even say that about a marker? It gets tossed around with pens and pencils and whatever else at schools, and offices, and your house every day. Like, does that not qualify as shaking? So I shook it, quite a lot, and then I uncapped it.

And you know what happened?


It wrote perfectly. Completely normal. Shaking had no effect whatsoever.

More proof that there are a lot of dumb rules in the world that there is no point in following.
Or breaking, for that matter.

Because neither my not-shaking nor my shaking of the Sharpie had any effect on it.

So, if a rule is pointless, then breaking it is as equally ineffective as following it. 

Except it makes me a little more sane to not follow it, so I guess you could count it as having some effect on my psyche.(“Psyche” is one of my top favorite words ever, by the way. I have a lot of favorite words, but this one is so, so, so cool. And gorgeous. And perfect. Also I like the Greek myth that the name comes from, so that helps, too. But truly I love how it looks, how it sounds! OK, I know, this probably makes no sense to anyone but me, so I’ll stop.)

Still, it basically comes back to the fact that if one is going to rebel, one should rebel against rules that actually have a point, the point being Stupid (as opposed to pointlessly dumb, like the Do Not Shake).

All these life ponderings from a Sharpie… Which means I should go to bed now before I start seeing The Meaning of Life in some dry-erase markers or something.


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