darn those stockings!

So, the socks I have been making (or rather, the sock, as I have only made one so far… When people asked me at “the convention” what I was making, I would reply: “A sock.” And then they’d say, “Only one?” and laugh. Yeah, hilarious.) have turned out to be quite a handful. I finally finished the first one, though the bind-off went, um, badly. Basically, the stitches kind of got… ripped ferociously off the needles. I wonder how that happened. Heh. Nothing to do with me losing my temper, that’s for sure.

But anyway. I think I’ll just have to sew a bit to fix things up. Not a problem. In the meantime I started on the second one, because I am indomitable (I actually don’t know what indomitable means, I just feel like it should go there) and I shall go on. I want to knit a sweater after this. That’s not insane, right?

In the meantime, I have been reading (yes I know this is ironic, considering I just talked about how sock knitting proves I am secretly Miss Marple) Agatha Christie’s The Moving Finger. Apparently she thought it one of her best novels, and I happen to agree. So far, this one is my favorite. Unfortunately, Miss Marple is hardly in it, but it’s from first-person POV so I think that’s why I like it so much. I mean, 4:50 from Paddington I finished simply to find out if Lucy Eylesbarrow and Cedric would ever realize they were in love (this of course had nothing to do with the murder, by the way. This involved quite a different set of clues), and then I got to the end and someone asked Miss Marple about Lucy’s love interests, and Miss Marple was all *vague twinkle in the eye* and THE END.
Me: “WHAT!!!!”
But I mean, it was hinted at enough, and I like open endings, but I pretty much did not care who the murderer was. I was like, “so it was that guy. Huh. Oh look, Cedric again!”

Yes, it’s pathetic. In The Moving Finger, though, I am quite absorbed by the mystery. And I know I will guess wrong because I can’t keep all the female characters sorted out in my head, and it’s got to be one of them. But I have my theories anyway. Indomitable me.

I am going to look up that word. Right. Now.

Ahem. “Indomitable. adj. Impossible to subdue or defeat. ‘indomitable spirit’.”

Aha! I was right all along! I am indomitable.

Anyway, that is all for now. I just felt like coming over here and blathering briefly. (Alliteration!) ( And the title of this post: ah, puns. See, this has been educational for all of you.)

Good night.


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