If music be the food of love, what’s the food of facepalms?

Right now, I’m at Bethesda House, all alone.
And I am hungry.

I checked the cabinets for snacks. Generally, they are stocked with food, but it is generally unappealing to me. Except this time, there was…. Raisin Bran!

I ran to the fridge to see if there was milk. There was! I dumped a ton of cereal ionto a bowl and poured the milk on top. Picked up the spoon. Glanced at the milk carton.

July 25.


So, I emptied the bowl, tossed out the carton of milk– and then, to spare anyone else from the emotional roller coaster I went through, I selflessly consumed the last of the Raisin Bran.

(It would have been better with milk.)

Well, well, well. Today was the last day of having-dance-every-day-for-a-week, and I am feeling the burn. I am also feeling a huge bruise/scrape on my left knee. Oh, was that a dance injury, you ask? Why, what an interesting question. It was not, in fact. In fact, it was…

Mom and I ran into Giant Evil yesterday at eight o’clock in the morning to get ice cream for her students. As we were checking out, she said, “Oh, Pen, I really need some breakfast. The bakery’s right over there, go get me something.”

We were almost done checking out, so I ran. Down the aisle! Around the produce booth and– OOF! I slipped and fell flat on the ground, landing in a sprawling position remeniscient of a bug on a windshield. (And yes, I actually said “oof.” Lord help me.)

Me: “Ow. Crap.” (as I hop to my feet)
Ten Employees: “Are you OK???”
Me: “Yeah! I’m fine!” as I ran off, waving to them over my shoulder.

Then, I didn’t realize that you could just take a muffin, and then I didn’t realize that when you take a muffin you’re supposed to put it in a bag or something. Yep, I just ran right back through the store holding a muffin out in front of me. I waved to the employees again. They clung to the produce booths, bracing for impact.

For your information, I did not fall again. Hmph.

My knee was scraped, but it didn’t turn dark purple and swell up and start to hurt until a few hours later.

Mom: “We should sue!”
Me: “Psh, I’m fine!”

Francis: “You should sue!”
Me: “Haha, right.”

Dad: “We should sue!”
Me: “Hmmmm….”

And one more thing…

Eliza left for Kansas this morning.
Thanksgiving is just around the corner…. Right?



3 thoughts on “If music be the food of love, what’s the food of facepalms?

  1. I was wondering if that milk was expirered…oops.
    That story of you falling down into a squished bug position still makes me laugh. Especially the “oof” part. I would have brought back just a muffin too. :)

  2. crescendocroise

    Oh, my… I could still laugh over the story of you running through Giant E. sniff, I wish I was at Bethesda today. You lucky dog! I was stuck in a car for eight hours and you were visiting with a baby bunny!!!!!!!!! Dear little Vianney… Now I am totally going to name my first bunny that.. I am sure St. John Vianney would not mind…

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