So, my family is cursed.

Every fall, something happens that causes us to have to leave our house. Apparently. I mean, last fall was the big power outage (you know, the one I didn’t blog about because it was that exhausting). The fall before that, we actually moved. So… I’m just saying. Maybe one of us has a malicious fairy godmother, or stole some Aztec gold, or something. Because here we are again, all living at The House of the Vegas Grandparents. The quarters are pretty cramped, and in general I just hate this kind of situation– not knowing what’s going on with the house, really, not knowing when we’ll be able to go back…

Is this becoming a tradition, our great autumnal migrations? Who knows, but it’s definitely going down in infamy.

But I guess I have realized a few interesting things over the course of this experience so far, namely:

1. I need very little in the way of possessions. My computer/writing ephemera, tin whistle, music, book, and optional knitting project. The end.
2. Having as sparse a wardrobe as I do comes in handy sometimes. By which I mean those times when you need to fit it all into a suitcase.
3. Speaking of which, living out of a suitcase is not so bad at all when the suitcase is red and vintage.

Also, I’m not gonna lie, I’m kind of proud of the fact that I am un-girly enough to live efficiently as a vagabond, yet girly enough that I packed a bottle of perfume.

I’m also coping by spending a lot of time out, at work and (today) at my boyfriend Oliver’s house.  And writing– I keep telling myself that I’m free of distractions, free to focus all my free time on my story, and the weird thing is that it’s actually working. I spent this morning fleshing out one of my main characters (holy cow, I just realized I have 11 pages of notes on this story… oh dear) and the past couple of days writing new scenes. I’m also listening to a lot of Beirut… Because living in a tiny Parma house with everyone’s stuff everywhere = totally the same as wandering through Europe. Whatever. I try my best.

I will be emigrating to the DHFs house pretty soon anyway, because Projects! Eliza’s return! Thanksgiving! Black Friday! So I have all of that to look forward to, and that’s enough to get me through whatever’s left of this insanity.

Oh, and one last realization: I never need to pack a toothbrush because I have successfully left one at every house I ever stay at. Semper paratus, baby.



One thought on “Vagabond

  1. Hmm…Oliver…..I wonder how this came about.
    Remember how last year you were considering building your family a bomb shelter for Christmas? Might want to consider that again.

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