I finally planted my garden at home! The plants were all way beyond ready and living in flats in the front yard… So thanks to Dad roto-tilling and fencing a nice sunny space (probably the only sunny space) for me, I was able to get everything in the ground. Tomatoes (purple ones), kohlrabi, lettuce, nasturtiums, eggplant, sorrel, yarrow, thyme, and cosmos. Oh, and three super tiny chamomile plants that I highly doubt will live, but I refuse to give up on them.
And looking at the list of what I planted, I realize that a bunch of it was for prettiness.

Oh dear.

I really am turning into a flower sort of girl. How terrifying. The other day I decided I want to have peonies someday. Peonies! Just look at the word! It makes me shudder. I’ll have to offset this strange new tendency toward prettiness by getting a pet tarantula or something. Except I would probably feel bad for the food-crickets, and then there would be a big horrible dilemma and probably everyone–crickets and tarantula–would die in the end. Or they would escape and turn out to be radioactive science-lab bugs and grow to the size of horses and eat fou-fou dogs.

Well. That was quite a tangent…

But speaking of spiders (and old horror movie storylines), the other day Mom and I went into this one labyrinth-like vintage store. It’s kind of a spooky feeling because you’re downstairs in this maze of clothes and records and whatever, and there are mannequins lurking around, and you rarely brush with another human. If the mannequins weren’t creepy enough, this time there was a life-size Spiderman… thing. I don’t know what to call it. Like a mannequin, but it looked more lifelike and it had that spider mask on, the eyes of which had an evil yellow glint. It was standing in the middle of the hall with fingers splayed like it was waiting to snatch us.
Mom: “Oh, here’s the other hall.”
Me: “No no no no nooooo….”
Mom: “What?”
Me: (points to the Spiderman) “I don’t want to go near it.”
Mom: “Seriously?…. You’re so weird.”

Well, I did scrounge up the courage to walk past it, but I didn’t take my eyes off it for one second. Also I may have used Mom as a human shield.

Can you blame me? Not-alive lifelike things are creepy.

But don’t you think it strange that we’re often afraid of stuff like that? I mean look at how many times dolls are used for creepy effect, or as the creepiness themselves. And why are dolls creepy? Because they look alive, but they’re not. So why don’t we just go back to cornhusk dolls, then! People, we created this problem, because we created lifelike dolls. Same goes for all the robot/computer-coming-to-kill-us stories. We invented computers and robots! In fact, even if the thing we’re afraid of involves something we didn’t create, like a wolf, we still mentally give the wolf things, like the ability to talk, or the desire for revenge, that a wolf doesn’t actually have. And with the dolls and the mannequins and the statues– we work so hard to make them look real, and then, once we achieve this feat, it scares the pants off us.

Basically, we’re responsible for a lot of the stuff we’re afraid of. (Also, Frankenstien? Another perfect example of trying really hard to create something, and once it’s created being afraid that it will kill you in the night.) (Although he didn’t create the monster the way he wanted to. He was traumatized by how ugly the monster was. So is that why we’re afraid of the things we create? Because we create them imperfectly, and then we’re afraid that they’ll hate and come back to haunt us the way that the Monster hated Frankenstien for making him so ugly and therefore alone?)

I just think that’s paradoxical. And by paradoxical I mean oh, the fascinating human nature! Blah blah blah.

One more random thing… Yesterday we got something in the mail about the County Fair…

Mom: “Oh, what’s the theme this year?” (reads cover) ” ‘Wind Power for the Future’?”
Dad: “Yeah, because their fair blows.”

Har har,

we need a hero

Dodge and I were talking about superhero movies…

Dodge: “Spiderman is lame.”
Me: “Don’t insult Spiderman!”
Dodge: “Psh. Ohhhkay.”
Me: “Fine. Well, I like Captain America better anyway.”
Dodge: “Does he have a gun?”
Me: “He’s in the army, so yeah, obviously. And a shield. Which makes him better than Spiderman because Spiderman doesn’t have any cool weapons.”
Dodge: “He shoots a web, oooh! He flies between the buildings! What if he had to fight someone on a farm in the middle of nowhere?”
Me: “That’s why he doesn’t live in Kansas.”
Dodge: “Like, the superhero of Kansas would have to be a tractor or something. Tractor Man! Half man, half tractor! You know, he tried to make a supertractor and then there was a radiation leak–”

Hah. Speaking of sci-fi accidents, I demand to speak with whoever made the weather go crazy. Seriously, 80 degrees in March? The summer is going to be hot as H-E-double-hockey-sticks. And about as fun.

Oh wait. I’m going to the beach. With the DHFs.
Never mind!
This summer is going to rock! Yeah!

Plus, at least our new backyard will be shaded, and at least there are a million birds out there (seriously, Dodge and Dad saw a turkey back there yesterday. A TURKEY. Sitting there in a suburban backyard. Then it flapped off. I didn’t see it, and I still kind of don’t believe they actually saw it and are just trying to see how gullible I am). As a summer project I want to learn to identify which songs belong to which birds. I’d also like to actually go bird-watching, with binoculars and all. And go to the park on a regular basis, in order to keep some kind of hold on my fleeting sanity. Plus I really, really feel like reading a ton. All the Lord of the Rings books, of course! Finally. I think I might at last be able to manage it.

But I’m also enjoying spring… For what I think is the first time, it doesn’t feel like a wimpy season. I suddenly feel like running a lot and planting a million flowers and blooming trees. I went to the home improvement store the other day to get my compost bin, and I saw these purple and white columbine flowers… and then I pretended I didn’t desperately want to get them to plant in our yard. I can’t believe this! I’m turning into a flower sort of girl! How… How… something. At least it was columbine and not gerbera daisies or something, though. I haven’t completely changed!

Yet I am changing. I feel this is going to be a year of transformation.
As long as said transformation doesn’t include rabid tractors or radiation leaks… ;)


(When the sirens wail, we need a hero here! And when the air conditioner drones on and on.)


It’s cold! Last I checked it was only 11 degrees. But there’s snow, so that makes it worth it a little. I like snow and winter and all, becuase it’s pretty and snowflakes are amazing. But summer has got to be my favorite season, and not just becuase there’s no school. It’s warm and you can be outside all day and te sun is shining and you wish it was cold but then you take it back…. ahh. And this summer is going to be especially fun becuase I’m going t have a garden with vegtables and maybe some flowers, I haven’t decided yet, and also a pumpkin patch. I took the seeds from my Halloween pumpkins and saved them the right way so I can plant them in the spring.

But on to a different subject. It just makes it even colder to think of summer! I just finished reading Inkdeath by Cornelia Funke. It was really good, and despite the fact that they came very close non of my favorite characters died. Yay! I loved the ending. But then I couldn’t read anything else for like two days. Whenever I finish a really good book and then try to start another, it just doesn’t pull me in like usual, so I end up rereading the end ofthe other book like five times. Oh well.