I just saw a cool spider. random. as is this post.

So, I feel like posting, and I would post about GS camp and how hilarious Val is etcetera, but I don’t really feel up to it right now. Meh. I will say a few short things about it, though, namely that Val and I made a very funny rendition of “Oh My My My” that my mother may put up on Youtube, and also me, Val, April and Mandy did some kind of dance to this song about California and Val was the rapper dude and her breakdance was just… priceless.
Also, we were all having one of those late-night conversations where everything is really sincere and honest and philosophical, and they had some good thoughts…. Mandy said, “I don’t want to be called hot or cute. I want beautiful.” So then we talked about why beautiful has so much more meaning behind it, and how the others are really just one thing– hot is just describing your looks or your body, cute is just describing some kind of mannerism or maybe the way you do your hair. But beautiful encompasses your whole person, the way you look and act and talk and walk, your personality and just really your core being. Beautiful is just a lot more of a loaded word, one that actually means something when you’re called it.

Well, that seemed all profound at the time, but now that I write it out it seems like something they would put in a cheesy girl-power book. Blehhhh.

In other news, my tomatoes are finally turning red, now like five a day turn and my grandma picks them for me. I am about to get the last of my onions. My humongous sunflowers (they are too big to be called huge, so I had to use humongous… Ginormous would work too) have heads as big as mine which are too heavy for the stalks, so now they lean over and I feel a little sad about that, but oh well. I want to collect the seeds, or dry the heads and hang them up. That sounded creepy, about hanging up heads, but in my mind I’m thinking “oooooo pretty flower for my bedroom”, not Adderhead Fencing Co. (That was a reference only I would get… sigh. I hate that no one understands what I’m talking about. It makes me feel so alone… *overdramatic angst face*)

While on the subject of references only I would get, I have trimmed off the shoots that our tree was growing around its base. Dad thinks it is dying because it was not planted correctly/deep enough, and every time he says that I say, “it keeps ‘smoldering at the roots/and sending up new shoots'”. But anyway I cut the shoots and am hoping to weave a basket out of them, since they are quite flexible. Tomorrow I will get started on that. Also I am wondering if I can make ink from these beautiful berries currently ripening on “the mystery weed” beside our porch. My wonderful mother allowed me to let the weed grow and mature so that I could study it, and I have concluded that it is pokeweed, a plant that is mostly poisonous but certain parts can be eaten a certain way. The berries are numerous and ripen to this rich, dark purple/indigo, but when you squeeze the juice out, the juice is this luminous purple that stains your hands and I think would be some awesome ink, and really cool dye for clothes. Yeah, I pretty much feel like living like a prairie girl… In fact, Erin said this weekend: “I think out of all of us, Pen would survive the longest in Amish Country”. I would but eventually I’d miss some stuff, like showers and computers and musical instruments. I would love making things though, as you can tell.

Also I would like to learn how to make and shoot a slingshot. It is my one regret in life that I never did that as a child. (I know I’m still young but I’m not a child. And I’m not being pretentious when I say that. I read YA, I am a YA. End of debate.) And arrows. I want to make arrows. I know how to shoot them (thanks Dad), but I want to know how to make them. I am also thinking of going squirrell hunting with Dad this year… I think hunting is pretty important, so I want to try it out.

I guess I’m getting in a big learning mood because it’s nearing back-to-school… Wait. I liked that one commercial that says: “It’s not back to school. It’s forward to what’s next.” That’s how I prefer it, and the way it really is with my schooling. I always feel like I’m learning new stuff and not just reviewing lame crap. But I think that was a cell phone commercial so whatever. I do not want a cell phone. I will have to get one when I drive alone, though, so I am getting the most minimal one possible and not letting anyone call me on it since it’ll be for emergencies only. Also I am thinking of not owning a microwave when I’m older since microwave food often grosses me out. But we shall see.

I’m reading a new book called American Chestnut: The Life, Death, and Rebirth of the Perfect Tree about the chestnut blight. Veeery interesting. I suppose people other than me might find it boring but I am just absorbed by it. Chestnuts are my dad’s favorite trees and he’d told me about the blight before, so I was excited to find the book…  Then I must finish Lilith, too! great book (thanks, Eliza!).

I feel like I’m just going on and on. Also, I want tea.

Good night.

Yours till the dog-tooth violets bite,

PS: “It’s hard to leave the girl you love/ when your heart is full of hope/ But it’s harder still to find the towel/ when your eyes are full of soap.” I love my autograph book. It’s such an unexpected treasure.

why did the boy throw a clock out the window?

I cannot believe it is practically the weekend already. Well, it’s only Thursday, but it’s the end of the “textbook week”, since I don’t usually do work from my textbooks on Fridays. Unless I have catching up to do (which I will, since I was sick the other day). So usually Friday is like a weekend to me. And Sunday is like a weekstart. Hm.

Saturday we’re going to the Girl Scout Mall Overnighter, which I am looking forward to but I do think I may  be a bit disappointed this year. I guess some stores are too silly to realize that GS isn’t just little kids, so they close for the night and therefore get no extra moolah. Well, fine, then, Forever 21– be that way! At least I think Charlotte Russe is open. I love that store, usually. I tell you though, the stores I like more and more for buying clothes are Salvation Army, Target, and the fabric store (by which I mean I have almost completely given up on stores selling cool dresses, so I make my own).

Anyway. I need to get some sleep tonight and tomorrow, otherwise I will fall asleep at the overnighter again, and I would prefer not to do that. ;)

Oh! I have a funny story about Girl Scouts…
Our troop is mostly high schoolers, and a bunch of them go to the same school. Well, one time April went to remind Jazmine that there was a meeting. She pulls her aside in the hall and goes, “Hey, are you coming to Girl Scouts tonight?” and Jazmine was like, “uhhh… what?” Later, at the meeting, she informed April, “It’s GS! You have to call it GS!” It’s her little code so people don’t think she’s in a ‘little-kid’ thing.

I love our troop. :D

Well, as the long week comes to a close I must say that I feel very accomplished. I’m ahead of scedule with history, botany is finally getting out of mold and algae, and now that I’m over my sickness things are back in order. :)

I have to go now… time to get ready for flute. Ugh. I didn’t practice very much.

Adieu (adieu, to you and you and you),

Senior Citizen

Oh my gosh, oh my gosh you guys!

Seriously? Really? Did I just enter my first year of Senior Girl Scouts?
Sheesh. I am getting old. (And yet I incessantly stand on my head… do you think, at my age, it is right?) OK, I’m laughing now… how do I always manage to make some kind of Lewis Carroll joke in like every other blog post/personal essay that I write, while still knowing that no one will get it? That’s why my friends need to read the same books I do. (That means YOU, Bug! Ahem, remember? The Thief Lord?) And watch the movies. Becuase somehow there is always the perfect setup for a very clever joke referencing some book or movie or poem that I know very well, and when I make the joke I am the only one laughing becuase no one else knows what I am talking about. And if they don’t know me that well and are not used to such seemingly random outbursts, they may be prone to walking away quickly to escape the crazy person.

Anyway, the ceremony was pretty good. Val came dressed like a rapper. She wore her dad’s jeans (so they hung way down low. Sagging, isn’t that what the young people say these days?) and his work boots, and oversize T-shirt, a sideways ballcap, and she also had giant bling (a paper chain with sparkles drawn on.) Her rap that she did at the end of the ceremony was a riot. It included lyrics like, “We’re selling cookies, yo; look at us scrapin in alla dis dough!” Then we had someone do a Kanye impersonation and be like, “Hey, I’mma let you finish, but my boy Usher is the best rapper in the world. The best in the world!” Then Val was all, “Oh no you didn’t!” Also, Mel got a little obsessed with what she called “Senior Land”, which was basically the other side of the bridge/path (moving up a level is called bridging) and so she HAD to make a big neon orange sign that said “Welcome to Senior Land.” Then she heard that our next field trip would be an afternoon tea, and she got VERY excited. She’s kind of obsessed with that now. :D

After the ceremony, we zipped over to where Bethesda was having their Immaculate Conception get-together. Mass was already over but I got to eat some stuff and I also got a Confirmation present from the DHF’s mom, which Eliza had wrapped so nicely that I almost didn’t want to open it. Glad I did, though, because inside the wrapping were two books, one with a saint for every day and cause along with very cool art, and another was a bunch of Pope Benedict’s talks to the youth. I already started reading that one, and I like it a lot. When I’m reading, I automatically imagine him standing by a river on a sunny day, wearing red robes with the pope hat on. I kind of forget that he’s old. When he was first elected after JP2, I didn’t know if I was going to like him very much (Amanda didn’t either– she’s not a big fan of the name Benedict) but now I really do. :) I think it’s good that he’s continuing to talk to and engage the youth of the world, and to keep the World Youth Days, and that he made a trip to America. 

Well, I’m off to do some more school before my ASL teacher comes. 

From Senior Land, 

Apple Tea for Elvis

I jut finished working on my Book, and I put a cpital ‘B’ becuase it is my book that I’ve been working on for (drum roll please) 3 (now almost 4!) years!!! Aghhhh!! It doesn’t seem like that long, though, and obviously it’s not torture becuase I’m still going strong… except I got mad at stupid Word today, even though it wasn’t Word’s fault that i kept having to rearrange my chapters and re-number them and on and on. And I accidentally broke the little slidy thing we have on our computer desk for the keyboard. But I didn’t break the keyboard, hurrah, and my dad is going to fix the desk.

Wow. Lots of news, I know.

Oh!  the Girl Scout Mall Overnighter was Saturday night and it was amazing!!! And I stayed up until four thirty a.m.,  then I crashed, but it was really fun. See, a bunch of the stores sta open and it’s just scouts and it was fun! I got a sweater/shirt, a necklace, a summery dress, and a belt and I got some really good baragins so that was nice. And all these girls spent like a TON of money! Need a stimulated economy? Ask Girl Scouts to come to the mall, and watch the recession get fixed over night! And then we all got sugar highs (particularly when we went to Starbucks, heard the DJ downstairs playing the Macarena and Disturbia and Shake It and we (well, two of us, there were 3 there at the time, but the other one just pretended she wasn’t with us) started dancing and then the rest of our troop came up and one of them told the Starbucks people their name was Elvis, becuase the Starbucks peeps ask you your name when there’s a lot of people, so they write your name on the cup and when it comes you get it. She tells the guy and he doesn’t even blink. He just writes it down and goes, ‘Apple Tea for Elvis!’. Oh my. It was sooooo funny. (Maybe you had to be there. But I swear, we were dying.)  I love the mall overnighter. It’s awesome.

That’s all I can say for now. I know, it’s not even very in-depth and I didn’t go on and on like I usually do, but I can’t type very well after all tht working on my book. So now I will just go….. Ciao! —Pen

PS: I bet you don’t know what I know! OK, maybe you do…. In Moby Dick, there’s this guy called Captain Starbuck! So I think that’s what Starbucks is named for. (see, like Starbuck’s? Like McDonald’s… apostrophe? Seeeeee?) Anyway, I just think it’s funny.  I wonder if Captain Starbuck likes coffee…….                                                                                                                                                                                                              PPS: for the record, I’ve never had Starbucks. Ever. I know, I’m such a weird child. I never even had a Slushie until 6th grade. Deprived, maybe. Weird? Oh, yeah.                                                                                      PPPS: actually, the world is proabably safer if I don’t have Starbucks… I mean, me on caffine? Scary thought, scary thought. (*shudders*) Me on those Hohos is bad enough. (“Alvar Nunez Cabeza DeVaca!” Looooong story. another time, I’ll tell it.)