I don’t wanna go to school…

… just to learn to be a parrot, and recite a silly rule! and if it means that it– OK, OK, i’ll stop now. I’ve made my point.

blarg. I am currently supposed to be doing something “prodcutive” such as history, but instead I am giving myself a short break to write here. Maybe just until my language tutor gets here. She is awesome. The language? ASL! Fun! Except I am terrible at fingerspelling. Well, I can spell it easily, but I can’t read it. I need someone to just stand in front of me fingerspelling passages from The Thief Lord so I can learn faster. I seriously have like the book and the movie memorized! Weird, I know. But I used to watch the movie like every day when I first got it, and I have read the book at least four hundred times.


Math sucks.
So does not being able to work on my watercolor masterpiece.
But I will not complain….

Okay. Here’s what I was meaning to tell you. We went church-hopping on Sunday! We didn’t go to our regular parish, but instead went to mass at St. Thomas More. It’s like a block away so we could walk there if we wanted t, but it was very cold and about to rain, so we didn’t walk this time. It was a pretty good mass, not blargish and irritating like our other parish’s, but the one thing that bothered me was that they weren’t giving out the Precious Blood. They’re like paranoid about the swine flu or something.
Can you tell I am feeling facetious? I mean really. Remember bird flu? ahh, we’re all gonna die from bird flu, wahwahwah!
Guess what?
There was no mass epidemic! The world did not end! The graveyards did not overflow!
But now people are all, oooooh, swine flu, blahblahblah, we’re all gonna die, wahwahwah. People are wearing masks everywhere! What is this, the plague? I mean, yeah, I totally want to get like a cold this winter and have some guy show up at the doorstep with a wheelbarrow… “Bring out yur dead! Bring out your dead!” This is not the Black Death for crying out loud!

Whoa. The wind is insane today. It’s both awesome and creepy. It puts me in a mood of fear, but at the same time  feel all safe and cozy inside the house. It’s like a thunderstorm– those give me such a thrill. Except for when it was so crazy stormy, and Mom and I were trapped at Walmart or something. I was so creeped out, and the drive home was awful becuase you couldn’t see anything.

I think fall might be becoming my favorite season. Yay! It is very cool. Now all I need is a good bike ride with my trenchcoat on, and the wind in my hair… ahhh.
Slight problem, though: my hair is too in-betwen short and long so I won’t wear it down, I don’t own a trenchcoat, and I can’t ride my bike unless one of my parents is home, which they’re currently not.
Unfortunately my middle brother is. Hey! I have a new name for him. He’s ceased to be Iggy and has proved himself as… *drumroll*…..
The Artful Dodger! I call him Dodge for short, not Artie. Ha-ha, he would ate me forever if I even called him that once. I thought of the ame after watching Oliver Twist and then playing Sunlight and Shadows with the DHFs. It was da BOMB! Dodge and I rocked it. ;) Of course. Oh, and I call Bo Poncho now. Well actually I always have, and I don’t know why. But Dodge and I will always yell, “Panchiiitooooo!!” when we want him to come. Or we say, “here, Poncho! Here, boy!” Like he’s named after a rain poncho or something. Wow, we are sooo homeschooled. ;P

Oh! My language teacher just called, and she’s on her way here now. Ciao!

from the bottom of my <3 (as Allie would say),

Life is Good Today!

Today was my first play practice!!! I’m super excited now. I think I said before that I’m an Indian (as in Native American) dancer for the play (Peter Pan). This first thing was a lot of announcements and talking and sorting things out, then we read all the lines and listened to the songs like it was the real show except we were all sitting around. We don’t have a Nana yet, so there was much barking and whimpering from the peanut gallery, and also dancing around and war whoops and the like. o basically, it was a lot of fun. And I’m not the only homeschooler there! Hurrah! I’m absolutely giddy. And of course next week the real work begins: learning dances and songs, etc.  I’m happy I tried out for this. I didn’t get the part I really wanted, but this ain’t bad. Not bad at all. So now I get to go have fun whereas otherwise I’d be stuck inside becuase it;s winter and I have nothing to do besides the normal stuff…. Oh, the cleverness of me! I am clever! (I’m Flying plays) ‘I can swoop, I can soar, and what’s more I’m not even trying! I’m Flying!’ Yeah just had to get that little Peter bit in there. Ah, yes. Life is good. :D

But it’s snowing again. And it’s still really, really cold. 

Go figure.

My Favorite Things

My favorite color is yellow. I like to memorize nonsense poetry, like from Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass and The Hunting of the Snark. The ‘Alice’ books are in my top favorite books, which is saying a lot since I read constantly. I also like fairies, but not Tinkerbell. At least not the one from the Disney movies. I guess the one in the book (it’s one of my favorites too) is okay. I like The Wind in the Willows, the movie, even though there’s no really good girl characters in it. I like my room. I like lemons. And yellow punchbuggy convertibles. I like horses and guinea pigs and spiders and blackbirds and owls and wolves and bears– but not grizzlies. I like staying up late. I like to talk. I like to hang out with my friends. I like to talk in a British accent and make up radio shows. I like being homeschooled even though this is my first year of it. I like reading and writing and stories. I like camping and big fires and chocolate and stars. I like woods and exploring and fallen logs and stuff like that to climb on. I like my family. I like the fort in our backyard. I like trees. I like the whole wide world. I like Italy and learning foreign languages. I like odd, strange, cool, interesting, and long words: take antidisestablishmentarianism, tintinnabulation, and just words that sound cool like ‘aloof” for example. I like playing Dutch Cards with my friend Miss Prez. I like sleepover and all-nighters. I like movies. I like The Thief Lord (a LOT, book and movie, but book the most.) I like being Catholic. I like St. George. I like Irish dance. I like playing the flute. I hope I’ll like being in a play (my first rehearsal ever is tomorrow, I’m an Indian in Peter Pan). I like to ramble on about nothing in particular. I like music, usually old stuff or stuff no one else really listens to, like Leeland and Sanctus Real and Rush and Spirit and ‘The Night Chicago Died’. I like making up dances to songs (once again, ‘The Night Chicago Died’). I like… a lot of things. Old fashioned things. New things. The whole entire universe. I’m easily amused and easily pleased, but I don’t give up easily on things I’m trying to do or get or find or catch.  

That’s most everything, I think. So now you know….. don’t you feel absolutely enlightened now?