As Eliza and I drove into Kansas City, Eliza had to put “the lady” on. Which is to say, she had Siri navigating.
So as we’re jamming to some music (more like performing… Eliza did a striking impression of Mother Gothel, that’s all there is to say), suddenly we’re interrupted by
Eliza: “What are you recalculating? You know, I’ve had it up to here with you.”
Eliza: “Yeah, you just figure out what you’re doing.” *eye roll* Then she turns to me. “She has almost gotten me lost a few times.”
Eliza: “Lady, if you lie to me again, I’ll kill you forever!” *heavy sigh* “I hate her. Seriously.”
Me: “You keep referring to the disembodied voice as ‘her’, like there’s a third person in the car with us. Have you, um, gone a little crazy driving all this way by yourself all semester?”
Eliza: “You know what, that’s it… She’s gone. You be the navigator. You read me the list.”
So I was the navigator. Later, Eliza was saying over the phone to the rest of her family how good at it I was… aaaaand everyone else who has ever had me as a navigator laughs hysterically. Or else they’re wondering why I can be helpful for Eliza but terribly inept otherwise. 

Yep, I’ve been hanging out with Eliza for the past few days… In Kansas! Well, since we went to Kansas City today, also Missouri. My first all-alone plane trip went very well. I actually looked out the window most of the time, just listening to my music (to drown out the whirring of the plane, which I hated because I hate ceaseless white noise) and enjoying the clouds. And the weirdness of seeing other planes far across the way, tiny and black and going very, very fast.

Speaking of things going very fast, the time here with Eliza has flown by… She took me all around campus and the neighboring town, where we explored a lot, and took some pictures….

I loved the houses around Atchison. All very 1800s, and all unique and interesting.
I loved the houses around Atchison. All very 1800s, and all unique and interesting.


Eliza sitting in the peaceful orchard behind the abbey
Eliza sitting in the peaceful orchard behind the abbey


Looking over the Missouri  River... (See that factory in the distance? Yep. Story idea.)
Looking over the Missouri River… (See that factory in the distance? Yep. Story idea.)


Cool old car. 'Nuff said.
Cool old car. ‘Nuff said.

Then there was Kansas City’s art museum, spending time sitting in front of a giant Caravaggio painting of St. John the Baptist, and wandering through Impressionists. “Aren’t you glad you girls don’t have to wear dresses like that anymore?” some guy asked us there. Of course we told him we actually weren’t glad of that, thank you very much. I mean, I actually wouldn’t want to wear that all the time, but if I got to flounce around on a beach looking that glamorous I would do it, just for a day.

We also watched several movies, all of which were new to me… Northanger Abbey, which spawned “the taco”:
Eliza: *sigh* “I just love Mr. Tilney… You know what, I need a guy who’s like, a mix of Mr. Tilney, Mr Knightley, Captain America, Eomer, Hawkeye, and— and a little bit of Kirk.”
Me: “Woah. Woah. Slow down, this is like a taco of guys that you’re making. And Kirk is like the hot sauce, you can’t put too much.”
So then of course they all got assigned ingredients…
We also watched All About Eve, which had fabulous quotes, and then Roman Holiday, which made us want to run out and cut our hair. Last night, to finish off, we watched Star Trek: Insurrection, because Data.

Now we’re sitting in the dorm listening to the Beatles and occasionally grooving (Or in Eliza’s case, attempting to groove… although she taught me a hilarious new dance move which she apparently learned from Francis) and writing this blog and writing letters in the Sunday afternoon sunlight…

I suppose that’s all for now. Off to have some tea and spend my last couple of hours with my gracious hostess and very very dear friend.

then how shall I begin?

So, the train thing was a dud.

Mom and I feel bad because every time we take Bug somewhere, it turns out to be a fail. (“You have Fail Mail,” Poncho kept saying on Sunday. I don’t really know what that means, but that’s Poncho for you.) There is only one place that cannot– must not!– end up a failure. I wanted to take Bug to PJ MacIntyre’s, aka home of the best homemade potato chips and shepherd’s pie ever. Maybe taking Bug just causes the unexpected to happen… Not neccessarily something bad unexpected, just something we never saw coming. (Like meeting the Mythological Rory, perhaps?) It’s physics, people.

On Monday, Bug, Poncho, and I jumped through a glorious pile of leaves! Poor Bill (who was sick– so we really did all say “Poor Bill!”) had raked them out of the front, but instead of putting them on the curb, he saved them in the backyard for us. I think he deserves hearty applause for that. The sky was perfectly blue and the leaves were bright, flaming yellow and the day was seventy degrees and we had a fab time somersaulting through, burying each other, and getting leaves permanently tangled in our hair.

Also, I have been preparing for All Saints’ Day… On Monday I started making a saint collage, which is a project I have not attempted since a very young age (and back then I became grouchy at it). Yesterday, I finally picked a saint to dress as. I can’t tell you who, seeing as it’s top secret, but I can say that I made this as my costume’s most important feature:

Yup. It’s a gold tooth on a chain.

Thank you, polymer clay and gold paint.

Wait a minute… Two posts in a row that include a picture?!?! What!?!?
Oh, what the heck.

In Kentucky, looking downhill.
(Unless you’re Bug. Then you’re just looking cool.)
This picture looks like a movie still to me. An artsy coming-of-age film about… um, artsy kids coming of age? (Aaaand I’m sticking to writing novels.)
Fast forward: we’re at the beach and– Oh hey look, a random seagull!
The three of us getting splashed by the tide. Sigh!



Oh, and I must tell you who took these lovely snaps: Francis! Well, maybe Eliza took the seagull one. All I know is, it wasn’t me. I like to pretend that the reason I don’t take pictures is because I “live in the moment”, but it’s actually because I suck at taking pictures of anything other than moss and bark.

 And gold teeth, apparently.

thy canopy is dust and stone.

Having to title blog posts lends itself to a lover of randomly discovered quotes. The above is from Romeo and Juliet, and is part of what Paris says over her tomb. “Muffle me, night, awhile.” is another good one from the same. I can’t wait to read the full play for school! But I have to finish that blasted book Frankenstien first. Sigh. Hopefully Dracula will be better.

Anyway…. I needed a brain break. My head is partially exploding because, well, I have a lot of things to get ready for the new house (we signed the lease yesterday… woot? yay?) and the thought of going through the chaos of my bedroom is enough to give a delicate creature such as myself a headache.

[This is a bit off topic, but yesterday we all got our pictures taken for this parish directory thing, and the picture-taking lady kept calling me “princess”. I was like I HATE PRINCESSES inside, but on the outside I just smiled and went along with it. Why do picture taking people always rub me the wrong way? They’re always tilting my head and pushing my shoulders back and saying inane things in an attempt to make me smile. “On a count of three, say ‘We never fight'” she said while taking a pciture of me and the brothers. “We cannot tell a lie,” I said through my teeth.]

Wow, that was a long tangent. Anyway, yeah. I’m excited, but also procrastinating by first trying to work on writing, then by writing a blog post. Then by eating a sandwhich while writing a blog post (why didn’t anyone tell me we had lunchmeat? Food hoarders).

Now I am staring out of the front window. Sometimes I do this in the middle of writing things. I stare out, and depending on my mood, I might contemplate the sky, the clouds, the trees… or smashing the asphalt open with a sledgehammer. You know. Peaceful, happy thoughts.


PS: “sword” is “words” rearranged. That’s telling, no?

Photographic Memory

A picture is worth a thousand words…. But I can’t seem to resist captions.

Owen-ito El Burrito!
ripping up carpet. My bedroom looks much better now.
Dodge, Mom, and I all went to the Lego Store on the way to the Columbus Feis. The Lego store was located in...
...the scariest Fakeworld EVER.
Driving to Queen Right Colonies with Dad. Now you have proof of my city-slicker-ness.
Poncho is the family food critic. Five stars for my pasta dinner!
Speaking of food... apple scone = YUM.
Daisy wanted a taste.
It looks like snow. But its actually fluff from the dogwood/cottonwood trees.


clover for drying.
My fleet of sprouts, most of which have since ventured bravely into the out-of-doors.
Daisy, with her "Please? / "It wasn't me" face.
Fond "Lost" memories...
This is what it's like to live with boys.
My first spinach crop!!!
Dodge took this picture of "the accidental strawberry".
The strawberries came up because Dodge threw some moldy strawberries in here last fall. We were surprised come spring! Unfortunately, the slugs had a picnic.
That is our yard. How do you like me now, Mr Perfect Lawn? Dodge took this picture, too, btw.

Tis all for now.


“It’s my own invention”

So, most of my family is finally over the big sickness we all had. Well, poor Poncho is still pretty much coughing and sneezing away, but I’ve made a full recovery as has Dodge. So today I was looking through some pictures and found this gem:

As you can see, Dad made Dodge a little “tissue mailbox” from a full tissue box and an empty one… The ‘out’ is for a fresh tissue, and the ‘in’ is for the used ones. And it was put together using the handyman’s secret weapon: duct tape! LOL, I love my dad. :D