Sun City

So this is getting into my second week in El Paso, Texas. And THIS PLACE FREAKIN RULES. First of all, everything is pretty. The sun, the palm and cypress trees, the washed-out colors. Secondly, this city is huge and looks even bigger because you can see right into Juarez from the highway. (And the highway– it’s raised up so you can sweep fast over the city and feel like you’re on Coruscant.)

The only downside is that I’m apparently allergic to the desert (thanks, mountain juniper), so my eyes were red and burning for the first week. I think it might finally be subsiding, though. If I’ve finally found the magic combination of allergy medicine, I’m going to start looking for a tiny house on the outskirts of town, with a little metal fence around the yard and a tall, skinny cypress tree beside it. Seriously, though. If I don’t end up coming back here or somewhere near to visit frequently in the future, be warned: I am not actually me, I am a clone of myself and I am probably plotting destruction.

I really loved the drive down here, too. It was a little over nine hours from Denver; I drove most of the way, but the time seemed to go quickly. Instead of passing cow field after cow field, there were mountains and open spaces and forgotten towns. We also took historic Route 66 for a little while.


Sunset desert in New Mexico

I’ve been spending my time here working on stuff for a writing workshop I’m taking online through my Denver writers’ group by day, and trying to improve my billiards skills by night. Also, Patrick and I went to a scenic view place one evening to climb on rocks and look out at the huge metro area.

Our first scenic lookout spot
Nighttime city

We spent Saturday afternoon half walking half sliding hiking down a mountain.

DSC_0799 (2)
Patrick kept putting the camera on rocks and setting the timer

Also, there’s bonus hype because Pope Francis is going to visit Juarez in a couple of weeks (right after we leave, actually) and, if that wasn’t already close enough, people say he might briefly visit El Paso too.

Although I’d say a brief visit won’t be enough– I’m glad I have several more days to enjoy being here.


in a dark, dark closet…

Once upon a time, the DHFs were watching the news, and something came up about homeschoolers. Then one of the newscasters (and this is, like, national news) says, “Homeschoolers? You mean those kids who are locked up in closets?”


Oh, how we LOL’d at that one. But I have an even better, real-life scenario:
Checkout lady: where do you  go to school?
Bug: I’m homeschooled.
Checkout lady: Ohhh… Do you have your own friends?
PoorBill: No, we borrow other people’s.

Well, I was just thinking about this today… Makes me laugh every time. ;) It’s a gorgeous day today. Sunshine, shorts weather, everything! YAY!!!! So now I’m done with schoolwork and off to play outside, and it’s only 11:30.

Yup. I’m in that closet all right.

You ate what!?

Well. The mall overnighter was fun, I am still kind of tired (probably didn’t help that I stayed up till 1 am last night, but oh well. I was writing). Also while there, I discovered that I am a failure at shopping.
First of all, I am very slow. I look at everything, ponder for a bit, then try it on and if it fits, ponder some more. Secondly, I have found that shopping by myself is excessively difficult. I mean, I actually ask my mom to come help me. This is not a very good sign for my “Independence Campaign”. I mean most people my age are trying to ditch their parents at the mall, not take them along! And so to conclude, I have realized at long last that I am just not cut out for shopping. I hated shopping until at least fifth or sixth grade. Now I like it, but only because I enjoy having cute clothes. (And necklaces– I think I am going to have a necklace fetish, because I saw a bunch of them Saturday night! Oh, and I bought myself a very cool Alice in Wonderland shirt. :) )

In other news….
Eliza ate ALLIGATOR!
She and the rest of the DHFs are in Florida (lucky!!!) soaking up the sunshine right now. Apparently Rachel convinced Eliza to eat alligator like this: “If you eat it, you can tell Pen you ate alligator”, so she ate it! I was like wow! I would probably never try any. But she said it was actually pretty yummy… I am very impressed! :D

I miss them… and the sun… and oh yeah, there was once this thing called summer…

I guess that’s all for now. Time to go make some broccoli (ew). ;)

Peace out,

“The great Jabba the Hutt will now listen to your plea…”

Dodge is sick today so he is watching Star Wars, the one where Han Solo gets out of the carbonite and is going to be fed to the nasty sand monster thing. Jabba the Hutt is sooo gross. I mean seriously, he’s like a big blob of snot, or a green tongue. Eurrgghhhh…. I hate slugs. Really I do. It is really gross in the summer becuase I never wear shoes outside, and then I always step on them in the dark and it is so smooshy!!!!

Today we went to Saint Thomas More church and it was just OK. Like I am really weirded out becuase they don’t kneel and they are not giving out the Precious Blood. Like what is going on? and then some people were being…odd. But still it was better than our old parish. My poor friend has to be an altar server at the old parish and… yeah. I asked to be taken off the regular rotation, but people can still call me if they need a sub.

So in a little bit we (as in Mom, Poncho, and me) are going to my grandma’s house where we will help stuff folders for a retreat. I love setting up for the retreat even though the retreat house is, well, to say it nicely it is sub-standard. But it is fun anyway and I will get to see Bug today! Yay!!!! And then I will eat mini muffins! huzzah! 

It is also very cold lately. Yesterday we played outside for a long time but when we came in my face, toes, and fingers were all pretty numb. My red cloak/cape thing was quite warm, though! Dodge kept using his “secret passage” to try and attack Poncho, who was pretending to be a character we call “Mr. S.” Mr. S is a human who can turn into a giant spider and he eats flies.  Then Poncho was trying to steal my magical silver key and then we were playing a sort of hide-and-seek-keep-away thing until we had to go in and eat dinner. That was fun becuase it had been raining for the past, like, TWENTY SEVEN THOUSAND days. It is not raining today, thank goodness, otherwise I would be going absolutely crazy! Oh, never mind. I already am. ;P

Hey, I meant to mention, there is this thing called National Novel Writing Month, and I am doing it this year. I am very excited and also a little intimidated by the fact that the goal is 50,000 words in 30 days. But hey! Why not at least try, right? :D

G2G now,